The Lightphoria light therapy lamp emits a bright white light and has several features, such as timers, that make it convenient to use. In addition, it is small and comes with a handy travel case, so you can keep up with your light therapy when you are away from home – though you still need access to an outlet to use it.

This sunlight lamp has 72 LED lights, and each one lasts up to 50,000 hours before it needs to be replaced – basically, these bulbs can last a lifetime. The Lightphoria works best when it sits 1 to 2 feet away from you, which gives you enough room to work at your desk without leaving the light's display area.

There are three brightness settings: On low, the lamp generates 5,000 lux of light; the medium setting generates 8,000 lux; and the high setting emits a full 10,000 lux. In the mornings, you can start your therapy sessions on the lowest setting and gradually move up to the highest level as your eyes adjust to the light. This gentle transition from dark to bright light makes the lamp comfortable to use.

Light therapy is an effective way to reset your sleep cycle, and the highest light settings are best to use in the morning. The Lightphoria has a timer that automatically shuts off the light after 15, 30 or 45 minutes. When you set the timer for short periods of time and use the lower light levels, you can do late-afternoon sessions that keep you energized and don't interfere with your sleep cycle.

This sun lamp must be plugged into an outlet – it does not run on batteries. This power limitation is odd considering the Lightphoria is quite portable. If you would prefer a lamp that has a rechargable battery, you might be interested in goLITE BLU. Lightphoria measures only 6.5 inches on its longest side, and it packs away in a travel bag. This is one of the most affordable light therapy lamps, and it is backed by a one-year warranty.

The Lightphoria light therapy lamp is a travel-friendly way to treat seasonal affective disorder. It is small and very portable, but you need to have access to a power outlet to use it. The lamp generates a lot of light, though you can choose the intensity setting you want, and the timer buttons make it convenient to use for short or long therapy sessions.

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