Pros / This backup camera includes two dash cams.

Cons / The wired system may require professional installation.

 Verdict / The Pyle backup camera is a good bargain if you’re looking for a multi-camera setup.

The Pyle PLCMDVR72 is a wired camera-and-monitor system. Though it is on the more expensive end of the backup cameras we considered for our review, this product is a good value because it comes with two DVR dash cams in addition to the license plate-mounted rearview camera and 7-inch monitor.

Because the Pyle camera system is wired, it doesn’t have any of the signal interference or degradation issues that plague wireless cameras like the iBall. Because it isn’t easy figuring out which wires go where and connect to what, it’s more likely to require professional installation. It was a mess trying to figure it out in our lab. Some of the connections weren’t very secure, so we had to check all of them whenever we changed locations to make sure everything was still plugged in.

Once installed, the Pyle backup camera works well. The monitor has a line of buttons across the bottom of the screen to access the settings menu and easily toggle between video channels if you have more than one camera hooked up. It uses a metal mount that can either adhere to your dash or be screwed in. The 7-inch 1080p monitor is larger than many of the others we reviewed, so it’s easier to see what’s on screen, but be careful with placement because it could obstruct your view of the road.

The camera is on a metal bar that you can install above your license plate. It’s smaller and less obvious than many other backup cameras we tested, but it does not have LEDs. Most backup cameras we tested, including the Yada and Peak, have attached LEDs to help illuminate the area behind your vehicle at night for a better range of night vision. The Pyle camera only uses the light from your reverse lights, so you can’t see quite as well when it’s dark. It does have night vision, which is displayed in black and white, but this doesn’t perform quite as well as the night vision on comparable backup cameras. During the day, Pyle’s 170-degree viewing angle is one of the absolute best. It lets you see more of the area behind your vehicle than almost any other backup camera.

Overall, the Pyle backup camera performs well. Though we generally preferred wireless systems during our tests, the PLCMDVR72 is a good option if you don’t mind the installation. It’s great for both small and large vehicles, and the two included dash cams make it an especially good buy if you’re in the market for a multi-camera system.

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