Pros / It has a dual-stage shock sensor.

Cons / The remote isn't two-way.

 Verdict / The Pyle PWD701 is an affordable car alarm, but the features are pretty bare bones and if you want convenience features, like keyless entry, it adds to the price.

Pyle is known more for manufacturing affordable car speakers, but the Pyle PWD701 is among the most popular car alarms under $50 on the market. As with high-end alarms like the Viper 5706V and Python 5706P, this security system features a six-stage, 120dB siren with a dual-stage sensor. However, it has something those other car alarms don't – an anti-carjacking feature. If all you want is a car alarm, this is a good option, though there are more affordable options just as capable.

The Pyle PWD701 costs about $36. This makes it one of the most affordable car alarms on the market. It also explains why it's one of the most popular car alarms available on Amazon. That said, the Avital 3100LX is cheaper, more popular and higher rated among Amazon users.

With a dual-stage sensor, this Pyle car alarm can distinguish small bumps from aggressive movements. You can get glass-breaking sensors but at an additional cost. It comes with passive and active arming and a valet override switch.

After the alarm sounds, you can either disarm and reset the alarm or engage the starter-kill option, making it so the thief can't hotwire the car. Because false alarms are common, especially in neighborhoods with lots of children or in crowded parking lots, the extensive range of the remote comes in handy when disarming Pyle car alarms. However, if it is not a false alarm and someone is attempting to steal your vehicle, the starter-kill feature immediately stops the engine from running.

You have the option to add a remote start feature with this auto security system. The remote can start your car, and you can avoid getting into a freezing cold vehicle in the winter or a sweltering hot car in the summer. The engine runs for a few minutes or until you insert your key. If someone attempts to put the car into gear without a key in the ignition, the vehicle immediately turns off.

The PWD701 comes with two remotes. Each remote has four basic buttons controlling keyless entry and trunk-release features. However, both are optional. They don't come with system at this price. This means if you don't opt for the keyless entry and trunk release, those buttons are useless and the remote is only useful for arming and disarming the alarm. The remote is also one-way – the alarm doesn't transmit any signals to remote to alert you to anything. So, this means you have to investigate every car alarm siren to make sure it isn't your car annoying the neighborhood.

The Pyle PWD701 is a simple, yet affordable car alarm with options for expansion and compatible features. It lacks the two-way communication and many of the sensors of high-end car alarms, but it does come with anti-carjacking and a very loud siren.

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