Pros / The SUV and truck tires have good tread-life warranties.

Cons / The average price per tire is expensive.

 Verdict / Bridgestone has average tread-life warranties and decent performance options, but the average prices of this brand's tires are among the most expensive.

Founded in Japan in 1931, Bridgestone hasn't been around nearly as long as most tire brands, many of which started manufacturing tires in the 1870's. Still, despite the relative youth in the market, Bridgestone has established itself as one of the largest and most trusted tire brands. That said, the average tread-life warranties and limited performance options don't make up for the high average prices.

In my comparison of common tires sizes for sedans, Bridgestone's average price was $123 per tire. While this wasn't nearly as expensive as the Michelin tires of the same size, it's far above the market average of $102 per tire. Cooper, for example, is priced at an average of $73 per tire for the same size. The SUV tires were also expensive at an average of about $195 per tire. The truck tires were the most competitively prices at an average of $226 per tire, but this was still about $23 over the market average.

The tread-life warranty covers 22 tire series. The best warranty covers the Dueler H/K Alenza Plus (H Speed) and the Turanza Serentity Plus with an expected lifespan of about 80,000 miles. By comparison, the best brands have tread-life mileage as high as 100,000 miles. The average tread-life mileage is 56,000 miles, which is right in line with the market average. To put it simply, this tire brands' tread-life warranties are very average. It's certainly doesn't help make the higher prices more attractive.

Similar to most tire brands, the performance options are lacking, especially compared to Goodyear. Bridgestone averages three options for the common 15-inch rim sizes, eight options for the 16-inch rims and four options for the 17-inch rims. By comparison, Goodyear average eight options on the 15-inch rim, 16 options on the 16-inch rim and 13 options on the 17-inch rim. In addition, the truck tires averaged just three options per size compared with Goodyear's 11 options.

Bridgestone may not have the most tire options for popular sedan tire sizes, but the tread-life warranties are great for SUVs and trucks. However, the price puts this tire brand more into the premium level of tires.

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