Pros / There are 56 tire series covered by a tread-life warranty.

Cons / The tires are expensive.

 Verdict / Michelin is the most expensive tire brand on average in my review, but nearly every tire series is covered by a tread-mile warranty, even the winter tires.

Michelin, a French tire brand founded in 1889, is the second-largest tire manufacturer in the world. Each tire is covered by a 6-year warranty with varying tread-life mileage and a 30-day road test. In my review of the prices, options and tread-life warranties, Michelin had average performance options and tread-life warranties, but was hindered by high average prices per tire.

The average price for the most common sedan tire sizes is $132 per tire. This was the highest average price in my review for the sedan tires. By comparison, Cooper costs an average of $73 per tire for the same size and has six performance options. With nearly a $60 difference, it costs about $240 more to replace all your tires, not counting installation or shipping costs. The SUV and truck tire sizes don't fare much better, averaging $214 and $259 respectively.

The most impressive aspect of Michelin is the 54 tires covered by its tread-life warranty. Only a few brands cover more than 30 tires and most cover less than 25 tires. The reason Michelin is so far ahead is because it provides tread-life warranties on the type of tires not typically covered by other brands. For example, all of the winter tires have tread-life warranties ranging between 25,000 and 40,000 miles. All the all-terrain truck tires have tread-life warranties and even the ultra-high performance sport tires have tread-mile warranties. These are performance tires not often covered by other brands.

The highest tread-life is 90,000 miles, covering the Defender T/H all-season tire, and the average tread-life miles is 45,000 miles, which is below the market average. However, when you consider the winter, all-terrain and sport performance tires, the low average is understandable because these are typically not covered by other brands.

With so many tire series made by this tire brand, Michelin's performance options are disappointing. After searching for the most common tire sizes fitting passenger vehicles and trucks, it's surprising how a brand with 56 lines of tires doesn't provide the most options to fit each tire side. For example, with 15-inch rims, it averaged just two tire options. On 16-inch rims, it averaged a solid eight options, but this is only half what Goodyear averaged at the same sizes. On 17-inch rims, it averaged six options while Goodyear averaged 13. In addition, the truck tires averaged three options per size to Goodyear's 11 options on the same size.

Michelin is a premium tire brand, as shown with the high prices. While a few brands offer more performance options on common tire sizes, the tread-life warranties are generally very good, especially if you want winter, all-terrain and sport performance tires. You just have to hope they make a tire to fit your rim.

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