Pros / There are 33 contact lens brands to pick from.

Cons / You only have 30 days to return an incorrect or defective order.

 Verdict / Coastal is a sleek, modern platform to buy both your contact lenses and several stylish glasses frames at an affordable price.

This website is well designed and frankly nice to look at. The contact lens selection is broad. With 33 brands to pick from, it’s the third biggest selection we found among the contact lens websites we reviewed. Along with all the common types of lenses out there – toric, multifocal, bifocal, disposables – Coastal even has RGP lenses. These are made of a slightly harder, thicker plastic, and only four of the websites we reviewed carry them. Coastal carries colored contact lenses but lacks any of the extreme costume lenses most sites advertise for Halloween.

Coastal launched in 2000 selling just contact lenses and grew to what it is now, which includes selling a bunch of eyeglasses and sunglasses. While you can’t digitally try the glasses on like you can with Eyeconic, you can enter the measurements from your existing glasses into Coastal’s My Fit feature to see which frames would fit you best. There is also an extensive explanation with illustrations that lets you search for glasses based on the shape of your face.

If you find the contacts you need for less money on another website, Coastal will match their price. Three of the other websites we reviewed also do this and three others will give you a match plus an additional small discount. All the websites we evaluated do have some stipulations on their price matching program, so make sure to read the fine print when you seek the discount. For instance, Coastal requires the competitor’s product to be in stock and on an established site, as determined by Coastal.

Because the price of contact lenses is different depending on your prescription, we took three specific boxes and compared their prices across all websites we reviewed on the same day. We excluded any sales, promotions or discounted rates for purchasing in bulk or signing up for an automatic refill program. Coastal earned a C- in the price comparison, placing it near the middle of competitors. That, paired with its price matching program and free shipping on any order, make it a good value.

Comparatively, Walmart’s contacts website got a better letter grade for its prices and has similar offerings but fewer brands of contacts to pick from. Coastal’s shipping takes roughly a week, which is common among the sites we looked at. The return policy does fall short though, as you only have 30 days to return defective or incorrect orders. Some websites, including AC Lens and even Contacts Direct, give you a year or more. Despite this, Coastal is still an affordable place to shop. Visit Site

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30 Days