Pros / You have 365 days to return your glasses.

Cons / Other stores carry more name-brand frames.

 Verdict / Discount Glasses specializes in affordable eyewear that ships to you quickly for free, but it doesn’t include extras like free lens coatings.

Discount Glasses is a good online resource for prescription glasses, and it mostly focuses on selling them at affordable prices. It has a limited selection of frames compared to some of its competitors, but most shoppers can find a style they like at a price they like.

There are hundreds of men's and women's eyeglasses in stock, and there is even a decent collection of frames for children. This is not the right site if you need ski goggles, but most other frame types are easy to find.

Discount Glasses sells frames from more than 80 name-brand designers, which is right in the middle of the pack between FramesDirect which has about 150 and which has 46. The best online eyeglasses stores have hundreds of name-brand options, but 80 is plenty, especially if you aren’t loyal to any specific designer. There are lots of attractive style options in those 80 brands, including retro, classic, sporty and wrap.

This website has lots of lens options, including reading, ultra-light and bifocal lenses. It also has lens tints and photochromic lenses that adjust to the amount of sunlight present. Discount Glasses doesn’t sell traditional trifocals.

You can choose from various lens coatings and additional features – but they cost extra. The company offers a Standard eyeglass package that includes scratch-resistant and UV-protective coatings. Other packages, such as the Gold, Platinum and Transitions packages, offer lighter weight and thinner lens but add to the price tag. You can also pay to have such features as roll-and-polish edge finishing for an extra $10.

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Your glasses ship for free, and orders arrive in a mere five to seven days. If you need them faster, you can choose expedited shipping, and you can track orders as well. Discount Glasses doesn’t let you try on frames – virtually or in-home – and that is a definite drawback. Still, if you don't like what you choose, you can send them back. The company makes it easy to get a full refund, and you have up to 365 days after purchase to return your glasses.

Contributing Reviewer: Linda Thomson

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