The Bradford White URG250T6N is an eco-friendly gas water heater with ultra-low nitrous oxide emissions. It features intelligent diagnostics through an LED screen that give you 10 different indicators of how your water heater is functioning. There is also a flashing light so you can tell if the pilot light is operating as it should. In addition, you get a window to the combustion area so you can actually see the pilot light and burner at work.

This hot water heater employs a microprocessor that keeps track of your burner and controls what it is doing to keep the water temperature at the correct level. The trademarked hydrojet system has a cold water inlet pipe that swirls water around at the bottom of the tank, which cuts down on sediment accumulation.

The steel water tank's durable enamel lining protects it from corrosion, and the tank's heat is conserved with eco-friendly foam insulation that reduces energy use and helps the system operate more efficiently so you save money on utility bills. Factory-installed heat traps cut down on heat loss in the pipes, which also trims the energy consumption.

The water connections measure 0.75 inches, and you get a strong, tamper-resistant brass drain valve. The heater comes with an already-installed T&P relief valve as a safety measure that releases water from the tank if the temperature or pressure reaches unacceptable levels. You also get a digital thermal sensor and a thermal switch you can reset. These features sync with the self-diagnostic controls to shut down the water heater if something goes wrong.

This gas water heater offers other safety features too, such as a flame arrestor and split door to keep any flammable vapors outside the heater from catching on fire. The warranty, however, extends only six years for both the tank and parts, which is shorter than the coverage of water heaters from companies like AO Smith.

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