Let's Find The Right Water Heaters Service For You

With the U.S. Craftmaster NEE3J50HD electric water heater, you can change the settings with ease using its electronic touchscreen controls. When you don't want to keep the water temperature and operating mode on the standard settings, you can switch that easily to the energy-saver or vacation mode just by pressing a screen icon.

This water heater has a factory-set temperature of 120 F for standard operation, since this generally is considered a safe temperature to avoid accidentally burning someone with overly hot water pouring out of a tap. You can raise the temperature if you choose so your dishwasher and washing machine can more effectively kill bacteria, but the water heater manufacturer recommends that you buy additional equipment in this case – thermostatic mixing valves, which mix cold water with hot at the taps someone might use. That way, you get thoroughly clean dishes and clothes, but the water in the bathroom and various tubs and sinks around the house comes out at safely lower levels.

When you go on vacation, you can lower the water temperature considerably to vacation mode to conserve electricity and reduce your utility bills, still keeping your hot water tank from freezing in cold weather. The energy-saver mode monitors your hot water use and adjusts its operations accordingly, which can cut your electrical consumption by 30 percent. The touchscreen also provides a safety lock option so you can keep the setting you want in place.

The electric water heater offers a diffuser-type dip tube. This means the tube that extends deep into the tank attached to the cold water inlet has a curved shape at the bottom. That shape lets it mix water around at the bottom of the tank and stir up sediment, which reduces buildup inside and extends the life of your tank.

This is a tall hot water heater, reaching a height of 60.5 inches with a diameter of 22 inches. Given its height, you will need to ensure there is plenty of overhead space in the area where you want it to be.

This hot water heater also gives you dry fire prevention, which means the upper heating element notes whether the tank is full of water or whether water levels have dropped. If this element does not detect water, it automatically shuts off the heat to prevent the heating unit from burning out. Since this appliance features two 5,500-watt, 270-volt heating elements, one situated higher in the tank and one lower, you get high water heating efficiency and durability from the heating elements.

This electric water heater comes with an exceptional warranty of 12 years for the tank and parts, which is tops in this industry alongside Rheem. You get a standard one-year warranty for labor should anything go wrong.