Pros / This slide-in range gives you a delayed-cook function and is self-cleaning.

Cons / The oven does not use convection heating.

 Verdict / The Frigidaire FFES3016TW slide-in range is a solid, basic stove that you can use to cook, bake and broil all your meals.

For a back-to-basics slide-in range, the Frigidaire FFES3016TW electric range is easy to install and supplies plenty of useful options for meal preparation, including a 4.6-cubic-foot oven, two broiling heat levels and an auto-shutoff feature.

You get four electric coil burners on the stovetop that provide a range of power. Two smaller burners, on the left front and right rear, measure 6 inches in diameter and provide 1,125 to 1,500 watts, while the left rear and right front burners measure 8 inches in diameter and deliver 1,950 to 2,600 W. The controls for the cooktop and the oven are easily accessible from the front of the unit, with knobs for the burners and touchpad electronic controls for the oven.

The oven comes with two oven racks and five rack slots so you can position the racks where you need them in relation to the heating elements on the bottom. The racks have handles to help you grasp them safely when you’re using thick oven mitts.

Unlike convection ovens, which use a fan to circulate air, this Frigidaire model uses a standard heating method, with heating coils in the oven that warm up and cook your food. Some cooks prefer convection ovens because the circulating air distributes heat evenly. The oven’s broiler gives you the choice of high or low position levels for your broiling pan and variable temperatures that you adjust so you can broil meat or fish exactly the way you want.

A delayed-cooking function lets you pop in a casserole, set the timer and have the oven do the work while you’re busy with something else. An auto-shutoff feature turns off the oven after 12 hours. The oven has an extra-large window for viewing its contents and a storage drawer for cookware. The storage drawer does not double as a warmer.

This slide-in range has a pushbutton self-cleaning feature that uses high temperatures to burn away debris. You can set the cycle to last 2 hours for a quick clean or 3 hours for deeper cleaning, then wipe away the ash after the cleaning cycle completes and the oven cools.

You can buy the Frigidaire FFES3016TW in white, black or stainless steel, depending on what would look best in your kitchen. If you like Frigidaire slide-in ranges but want a gas-burner model, take a look at the Frigidaire FFGS3026TW.

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