Pros / This toaster has a precise countdown timer so you'll know exactly when your toast is done.

Cons / It lacks an automatic lift found on some top-end toasters.

 Verdict / While it lacks some of the adjustable settings of other top models, this Frigidaire toaster looks great, toasts remarkably well and has a precise countdown timer, making it a solid choice.

The Frigidaire Professional is a high performing toaster with an effective design. Although it has a few minor drawbacks, its ability to produce high quality toast makes it one of the best. It has a number of useful features and a simple yet modern design that will fit in any kitchen décor. This toaster is effective, convenient and attractive, earning it our Top Ten Reviews Silver Award.

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  • Evenness Score
  • Exterior Temperature
  • Cord Length
  • Warranty
  1. The quality of toasting evenness.
    Higher is better
  2. 2  Frigidaire Professional
    98.0 %
  3. 100.0 %
  4. 80.0 %
  5. Category Average
    87.22 %


This toaster is a champ when it comes to performance. Similiar to the Breville Smart Toaster, we were thoroughly impressed by how consistent it toasted in our tests, in which we evaluated toasting quality based on evenness and consistency, as well as how it handled frozen items and bagels. A score of 100 percent indicates perfect results, while anything lower reflects lesser performance.

With a score of 98 percent, this toaster was only two percent lower than the best toaster for evenness. And compared to the average of 86 percent across the board for the toasters we tested, the Frigidaire Professional proved to be an exceptional performer. We were impressed by this machine's ability to produce evenly toasted bread on a steady basis.

The Frigidaire Professional was the most consistent of our lineup in our tests. It had no problem toasting several slices of bread consecutively. Its score of 100 percent in this category was the highest and well above the average of 94 percent. The only issue we encountered was that the toast came out a little darker than desired as the model heated up, but it still was evenly toasted. This could be easily resolved by lowering the toasting settings if you make multiple batches at once.

This toaster performed exceptionally well at toasting frozen bread, which is reflected in its high score of 100 percent. Whether the bread was frozen or at room temperature, it came out evenly toasted on both sides in all of our tests.

Scoring a 98 percent, this Frigidaire toaster was also excellent at toasting bagels in our testing. The bagel halves came out with a nice and even browning, and there were few visible bar marks. This model has a special bagel feature designed to only toast one side, so bagel halves come out toasted on top and still soft on the bottom.


The design of the Frigidaire Professional is among the best of the toasters we reviewed. The clean, shiny stainless steel is crisp and modern. This toaster looks good enough that you could use it as a design aspect in your kitchen. It also is light enough to be stored in a cabinet without a real hassle. The Frigidaire Professional includes a hideaway cord that wraps the cord underneath the toaster out of sight. This feature makes it look better on your counter when it's not in use, and it saves storage space if you decide to stow the toaster in a cupboard.


The Frigidaire Professional not only performs well, but it also has a number of standout features. This toaster has a countdown timer, which is the most precise progress indicator of all the models we reviewed. While other toasters have flashing lights that roughly show the remaining time, this countdown shows to the second when your toast will be done.

This toaster does have a few drawbacks. Many of the toasters we tested have adjustable settings, allowing you to fine tune the toast shade between the preset shade levels. This one does not. If you want toast that falls between two of the seven preset toasting levels, you’ll need use a higher setting and then manually stop the cycle before it completely finishes. The Frigidaire Professional also does not have an automatic lift. This feature, offered on top toasters, enables you to lower the bread with just a button, as opposed to pulling down a lever.


This toaster was relatively cool in our exterior temperature test where we measured how hot the outside of each toaster got after several toasting cycles. At a temperature of 92.2 degrees Fahrenheit, it was six degrees cooler than the average temperature of all we tested.

Help & Support

Frigidaire includes a one-year limited warranty. This is an industry standard for small kitchen appliances. The warranty covers manufacture defects only, and it does not cover wear and tear or user misconduct. That means you void the warranty by using the toaster in a way other than what the manufacture suggests. You can contact the manufacturer by phone or email, and there’s a copy of the user manual for this toaster on the Frigidaire website.


The great performance, progress indicator and safe design makes the Frigidaire Professional a solid choice. This toaster can be a great addition to your kitchen, whether you want to store it on the counter or in the cupboard.

Frigidaire Professional FPTT04D7MS Visit Site

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Dual Control
Digital Display
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1 Year
Online User Manual


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High Lift


Removable Crumb Tray
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