Pros / This was the most efficient machine we compared.

Cons / There were machines with more wash options.

 Verdict / The LG WT7200CV has lots of great features, including impressive energy efficiency and a large capacity, at a reasonable price.

The LG WT7200CV offers the right combination of energy efficiency, price, warranty and features. Many competitors we looked at in the same price range had several of those attributes, but this washing machine had all of them together.

This unit is right in the middle of the pack for price, which is impressive considering all of its features. We found it for less than $800.

This was the most efficient machine we compared. It is also in the top four for capacity and among the best for estimated annual energy cost, so you will not spend a fortune to run it. It’s Energy Star certified, which means it uses 25 percent less energy and 33 percent less water than standard models.

This machine does not have a central agitator, leaving room for lots of laundry. It has an above-average capacity with 5 cubic feet. King-size comforters can usually fit in machines with more than 4.5 cubic feet, so this machine should fit almost anything.

The WT7200CV is not the best in terms of cycle selection and overall options. There are only eight cycles, including normal, heavy duty, bedding, waterproof, delicates and speed wash. You can further specify how you want each load to be with wash options like delay wash, water plus and extra rinse.

Wash temperature choices include hot, warm, semi warm, cold and tap cold. Other machines have more options than this one, but there should be enough temperature options to meet your needs. If you were hoping for more cycle options, consider the Samsung WA54M8750AV.

This washing machine has advanced features for its low price. You can store a customized wash cycle, so you can pull up your most common settings by pressing a single button. You can control the start and stop of a wash cycle from your smartphone, and there is a hydraulic hinge that prevents the door from slamming shut when you close it.

This unit also stands out for its warranty. It has a 10-year warranty on the motor, which is 10 times what many competing units offer. The wash drum also has a lifetime warranty. None of the other washers we compared had that much coverage. This warranty should bring you some peace of mind and help protect your investment.

This is one of the most compact washers we compared. It is only 27 inches wide. The narrow footprint will be helpful for those that don't have a large laundry room. By removing the agitator, the designers still leave a lot of cubic footage even in a relatively compact design. 

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