Whether you already have your own home automation system in place or you're just starting, you need smart lighting that will integrate with it. The Leviton VRS15-1LZ is a smart switch that utilizes built-in wireless technology to connect to your network. It has its own accompanying mobile app so you can remotely access and control your lights from anywhere in the house or elsewhere.

The foundational element of any smart light switch is its ability to connect to a wireless network and communicate with a variety of home automation solutions, whether that is an app on your mobile device or an installed automation console. This unit utilizes a built-in radio with Z-Wave technology to connect with a wider range of controller and programmer devices. Or, if you prefer the more straightforward route, it comes with its own app for remote controlling.

The main feature that sets apart smart lighting controls from other light switches is their integration with mobile apps. This switch is specifically designed for immediate integration with the Wink app, whereas many other Wink-enabled devices require a Wink HUB. Through the app you can turn a light on and off, adjust brightness levels and set scheduled timers.

In addition to compatibility with Z-Wave certified wireless lighting controllers, it also responds to Vizia RF, which extends its range of use to other third-party devices. This gives you additional methods of controlling the lights beyond a phone app. The unit comes with multiple faceplates in different coloring options to match your décor. When the light is off, a tiny, green indicator light illuminates at the bottom for easy locating in the dark.

The Leviton VRS15-1LZ is a light switch designed to integrate into a home’s current or future automation system. Though it lacks its own app for remote controlling on your smartphone, it is designed for easy integration into other management apps for easy access. It further increases its range of use through its built-in dimmer and multi-location switching capability, helping you access other lights in your house.

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