Pros / The Yale Real Living lock uses voice-assisted setup to help you program the keypad.

Cons / Many of this smart lock's features only work with a home automation system.

 Verdict / In addition to working with a home automation system, the Yale Real Living YRD220-ZW has an attractive design and strong security.

Editor's Note: This review has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it no longer ranks as a top 10 product. The original review is below, but check out our current top 10 about Smart Locks here.

The Yale Real Living YRD220-ZW has an attractive touchscreen keypad and tough security features to improve your home's security. While the lock requires a home automation system to activate many of its features, it's very easy to use without one. This smart lock's voice-guided setup is very helpful and easy to understand.

This is one of the best smart locks in terms of how much it can enhance your home's security. It has a Grade 2 ANSI/BHMA rating, which offers similar protection to most smart deadbolts on the market. A built-in siren sounds when someone tries to kick your door in, which is rare among smart locks in our review. The lock has a built-in touchscreen keypad but doesn't use key fobs.

Since the lock has a keypad, you can program guest codes and send them via email or text message. Yale Real Living comes with a traditional keyhole, so you can use a physical key to override the lock if it stops working properly. You can also activate the lock's auto-lock feature, which engages the deadbolt 30 seconds after it unlocks. This digital door lock doesn't have an auto-unlock function.

To access most of the lock's more useful features, you must pair it with a compatible home automation system. These features include remote access, mobile app functionality, enhanced guest access and video doorbell compatibility. Additionally, an automation system tracks the lock's activity.

The lock comes in three finishes to match to your door and doorknob: satin nickel, polished brass and oil-rubbed bronze. When you install the lock, expect to replace your existing deadbolt. Once you install the lock, the system talks you through the set up process with voice prompts that tell you how to add key codes, change lock volume and activate advanced settings.

Yale offers a large selection of video tutorials, more than any other smart door lock in our review, as well as a few FAQs. An average one-year warranty protects the electronics in this smart lock, though Yale locks also have a lifetime mechanical and finish warranty. For direct technical support, you can contact Yale over the phone or email. The company doesn't have a live chat support channel.

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