Pros / These solar panels are sturdy and can withstand being pelted by hailstones in winds up to 52 mph.

Cons / The warranty for this panel provides only five years of coverage for materials and workmanship.

 Verdict / The Samsung LPC250SM panels are durable and offer a reasonable amount of solar efficiency, but the panel warranty is somewhat insufficient.

Although it is well known for its semiconductor manufacturing, Korean-based Samsung also has ventured into the world of solar panels. These solar modules come with tempered glass covers and anodized aluminum alloy frames. The 60 monocrystaline cells contained in each panel can produce a solar efficiency at 15.62 percent, certainly a reasonable standard within the solar industry.

Each panel can produce 250 watts of power during maximum output. Each can offer 30.5 volts of power at maximum levels, as well as 8.2 amps of current at the maximum power current level.

These panels have sufficient resistance when it comes to impact situations, especially the ever-worrisome hailstorms. The specifications for the Samsung LPC250SM panels indicate they can withstand hail that is just slightly less than 1 inch in diameter being blown by winds at approximately 52 mph. These panels can withstand temperature changes that range from 40 degrees below zero to 185 degrees F. The panels offer good quality resistance to pressure and are capable of handling a load equivalent of 113 pounds of snow per square foot.

The manufacturer recommends cleaning these panels once or twice yearly, using water and a soft cloth or sponge.

With these solar panels, you get only a five-year limited warranty on the materials and workmanship. While this is not an unusually short period of time for the materials and workmanship portion of a solar panel warranty, it is not among the best compared to others on the market that offer10 years of coverage.

Samsung’s warranty also promises 90 percent of the guaranteed power for a period of 10 years and an 80 percent power level output for 25 years. Each module is 64.17 inches long, 36.66 inches wide and 1.85 inches deep. Each weighs 41.9 pounds. If you need any help from the company, you can call or email to get answers to questions.

  • Solar Efficiency
  • Time to Recoup Investment
  • Warranty
  • Max. Power Wattage
  • Max. Power Voltage
  • Max. Power Current
  • Panel Cells
  1. The amount of electricity a panel converts from sunlight per surface area.
    More is Better
  2. 6  Samsung LPC250SM
    15.62 Percentage
  3. 16.0 Percentage
  4. 15.9 Percentage
  5. 15.21 Percentage
  6. Category Average
    15.29 Percentage


The Samsung LPC250SM solar panels feature a good solar efficiency percentage and a respectable amount of wattage. Although the warranty is a bit disappointing as far as the workmanship and materials coverage, it would nonetheless be worth investigating these panels for your solar energy needs.

Specifications and Benchmarks


Minimum Temperature
Maximum Temperature
Cover Materials
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Warranty Product & Workmanship
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Warranty Power At/Above 87% (Years)
Not Specified
Warranty Power at 90% (Years)
Warranty Power at 80% (Years)
Maximum Load Capacity (Pounds Per Square Foot)
Impact Resistance (Hail at Wind MPH)

Solar Efficiency

Solar Efficiency (percentage)
Maximum Power (Watts)
Maximum Power Voltage (Volts)
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