Pros / Strong suction allowed quick cleaning with this vacuum cleaner in our tests.

Cons / This model doesn’t have a hose to get large or tough messes under the seat.

 Verdict / The Dirt Devil Extreme Power is too bulky to clean in tight spaces, but it is light, portable and powerful enough to clean everywhere else.

Editor’s Note: This product has been removed from our side-by-side comparison because it has been discontinued. You can still read our original review below, but Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product’s information.

This car vacuum cleaner has impressive suction, and you don’t have to plug it into your car or the wall. You are free to take it anywhere, and you can always reach even the farthest corner of the biggest SUV. That much cannot be said for the units you have to plug into a car or wall outlet.

The two cordless car vacuums in our comparison were strong in our suction tests, able to hold more weight than any of the plug-in units. This vacuum held over 6 ounces, more than all but one of the car vacs we reviewed.

It was also competitive in the pickup tests with cereal, dog hair, dirt and garlic skins, averaging about seven passes to restore the rug and car seat to clean. That is impressive, especially considering one unit took 15 passes. You can save time with a vacuum like this that has the suction to clean in just a few swipes. The Dirt Devil Extreme Power struggled somewhat on the maneuverability tests because it is too bulky to get under seats, and there isn’t a hose tool.

Having a car vacuum cleaner that is battery powered is both a blessing and a curse. It's wonderful not to be tied down by any type of cord when cleaning. This vacuum can go on your road trip with you; however, you never know when the battery will run out in between charges. When it does, you still have to deal with finding a place to charge it with a wall outlet. Also, the battery’s overall life is unknown. It will degrade over time, and you never know when it will stop working. Right out of the box, though, it is powerful and portable.

This unit falls right in the middle of the pack for overall size and weight. It is not the smallest or lightest, but it should be relatively easy to store in most car trunks or under a seat.

This device is easy to grab and go. It even has a crevice tool and small brush tool built right in. That is about it for tools, though. A little more variety would be nice for different types of spaces in your car. Many competitors offer wide nozzles, hoses and other implements for cleaning different types of messes. There are not that many options with the Dirt Devil Extreme Power Cordless.

Dirt Devil's website is not all that helpful for finding information about this vacuum. We had some lingering questions even after going through the digital version of the manual. The warranty is great, though. Three years is a long time – it's the second longest warranty of the units in our car vacuum cleaner reviews.

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The Dirt Devil Extreme Power is an effective car vacuum cleaner that performed well in our tests. Both the flip-out nozzle and standard vacuum mouth sucked up chunks of cereal and reached tough spots between the seats. However, its lack of a hose means it doesn’t fit in some tricky spots like under the seat. Also, there is no knowing when the battery will give out – between charges and in general. Overall, we feel the performance outweighs the drawbacks.

Dirt Devil Extreme Power M0914 Visit Site

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