Pros / The Vapamore is the only vacuum on our lineup with a lifetime warranty.

Cons / This vacuum is heavy and has a short cord, making it difficult to maneuver around your car.

 Verdict / Its narrow mouth, steaming features and low suction make this car vacuum best for liquid messes like soda or pet stains, not for traditional car cleaning.

The Vapamore MR-50 is a hybrid car vacuum cleaner with steaming and suction features. These features marry well but create some imbalance in the design. Our testing proved the Vapamore bulky and weak on suction. It had issues picking up full and crushed pieces of cereal, and the device was difficult to maneuver around the tight spaces in our test car.

The suction capabilities on the MR-50 are weak. It took this car vacuum over 12 passes to suck up test materials successfully, performing well below average. The MR-50 wasn't able to suck up crushed or whole pieces of cereal and held only half an ounce of metal screws in our suction test. We discovered that its mouth is too narrow to take in anything bigger than large crumbs. Instead of sucking up cereal and dog hair, the MR-50 pushed these pieces around the car.

Its weak vacuum capabilities are an issue if you have to clean large debris frequently. However, the Vapamore is effective for cleaning liquid messes. The steaming features come in wet or dry steam, allowing you to suck up new and set-in messes. This car vacuum doesn't require cleaning chemicals or any harmful components, making it a good fit for parents and pet owners. You will need distilled water for the steaming functions, but the tank is easy to refill.

Our tests revealed that the Vapamore MR-50 isn't designed for traveling. It weighs 4.7 pounds, making it one of the heaviest vacuums we reviewed. This added to the maneuverability issues we had while testing. This vacuum comes with two small attachments, but they fell off the vacuum several times during testing.

This vacuum has a 10-foot cord. This is enough to reach shallow debris, but for deep cleaning or large vehicles, we recommend using an extension cord. In our test, it took some strain to reach other parts of the car with the short cord.

Vapamore advertises a lifetime warranty for this vacuum, but this only applies to the heating element and internal electronics. The rest of the machine, the accessories and plastic housing are under a parts and labor warranty for one year. If you have questions about warranty information for the MR-50, the warranty details are available on the Vapamore website as a downloadable PDF. If you have further questions about this vacuum, you can contact the company by phone or email.

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The Vapamore MR-50 is inadequate for most messes. Its low suction makes it difficult to pick up items like cereal pieces and dog hair. In this model, the vacuum function takes back seat to the steamer functions. The results from our test reveal that this portable vacuum fares best as an indoor steamer rather than a car vacuum.

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