How to Build a Wine Gift Basket

From anniversaries to retirement parties, wine gift baskets can make great gifts for a wide variety of special occasions. While most online gift basket services offer a wide array of wine baskets, finding just the right one for a particular recipient can be tricky. That s why building your own offers a unique and personal gift alternative, one that allows you to choose which types of wine to include. Not sure where to start? Here s how to build the perfect wine gift basket for that special someone:

  • Figure out what types of wine the recipient likes and which to include in the basket. Have you seen them drink or mention a personal favorite in passing? Do you know if they are interested in trying an assortment of new kinds or do they have a regional preference? You may want to even include wines that you love or ones that you want the recipient to try.
  • Choose a theme for the basket. The theme can be based on a particular region (e.g. Italian wines, French regional wines, etc.), color scheme or style (think contemporary or vintage).
  • Aside from bottles of wine, determine what complimentary accessories to include in the basket, such as stemware or bottle openers. Look for convenient, stylish items the recipient does not already have at department stores and upscale home retailers.
  • You can also include food items that complement the types of wine you selected, like cheese, crackers, dark chocolate or truffles.
  • Find a basket or other container that enhances your chosen theme. Keep in mind wicker baskets aren t your only option; metal and wood baskets or boxes can also make beautiful, complementary containers.
  • Choose a type of basket filler that also embellishes the theme. For example, matching napkins or bar towels make great fillers or you can opt for traditional basket fillers like tissue paper or colored straw packing.
  • When it comes to assembling the basket, start with the basket filler, followed by the wine bottles. Accessories and food items should be placed in last, arranged in order by size, from largest to smallest.
  • Use clear cellophane wrapping or a cellophane bag to wrap the basket; this allows the recipient to clearly see what is in included in the basket.
  • Complete the look and seal the cellophane with a big, flowing ribbon that matches the colors of the basket.
  • Don t forget to attach a small note with the recipient s name letting them know who the gift is from.

Whether your boss is retiring or your best friend s birthday is coming up, a personalized wine gift basket is the perfect way to celebrate any occasion! If you would prefer the convenience of an all-ready-made wine basket, be sure to check out our top-rated online gift basket services!