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How to Copy Encrypted DVDs

Content Scrambling Systems (CSS) are sets of digital keys that protect copyrighted material on commercial DVDs. When limited to personal use, fair use rights allow individuals to make up to two copies of any copyrighted media they purchase. Making backup copies of your movies and games on DVD is legal. However, the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) of 1998 rendered any software designed to foil these protective keys illegal. Thanks to the internet, however, software applications called DVD decrypters are still obtainable, and give you the ability to copy encrypted DVDs.

What You Need to Copy a CSS-Protected DVD

The tools you'll need to copy a DVD protected by CSS keys begin with a computer that has a DVD drive that can burn files to a disc. Secondly, you'll need a source disc, which is the DVD you want to copy. Next, you'll need to find and download a DVD decrypter. There are many options, and we ll get to them in a minute. You ll also need software that gives you the ability to convert the format of the decrypted information and burn the files to a blank DVD. Lastly, you'll need a high-quality recordable DVD disc. Be aware that a brand name disc is not necessarily a high-quality disc. There are a significant number of blank DVD media varieties. The type you need will depend on the type of material you are copying, which devices you intend to use to play the copied files and how much space you need to store them.

When it comes to selecting a DVD decrypter, you need to choose with care. There is great software out there, but there are also many junk applications loaded with spyware and adware, and also software sites that are outright scams. Two popular DVD copy software applications are DVD43 and DVD Decrypter. One great thing about so many of these software options is that they are free. Shopping for DVD copy software, on the other hand, is relatively safer because of the leading products' proven track records. At TopTenREVIEWS, we rate the best DVD copy software options and provide helpful reviews of the best products. Depending on the software, you can find a broad range of tools for DVD copying within a single application.

How to Copy a Decrypted DVD

DVDs are not a durable storage medium, which is why it is important to make backup copies. The completely justified need to protect intellectual property rights needs to be offset by individuals' fair use rights. You can copy all the DVDs you own, as long as you don t give away or sell decrypted copies.

The technical aspects of the process depend on the software you use. Some DVD copy software is so technical that even a geek will develop headaches. Others are as simple as popping in a disc to copy and clicking a few buttons. Some DVD copy software combines all the necessary functions into one application. DVDFab Platinum is one example of multifunctional DVD copying software that decrypts a source disc as it burns the copy. A good application should be able to copy a single-layer disc in less than hour with the click of a button. In order to copy a DVD protected by encryption, you need the right software, a DVD burner and high-quality DVD discs to store your copied DVD movie files.

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