ID Watchdog Plus Review

ID Watchdog has two identity theft protection plans you can choose from to help you protect yourself from fraud.

Our Verdict

ID Watchdog is a great service that protects more than your financial information. Its ability to help you resolve ID theft issues even if you aren't a member is a plus.


  • ID Watchdog can help you restore your identity even if you are not using its ID monitoring services.


  • This service doesn't remove you from mail lists for credit cards and other offers.
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ID Watchdog has two identity theft protection plans you can choose from to help you protect yourself from fraud. Under both plans, the service monitors your address, Social Security number and credit report, and it offers both a guarantee and insurance payout in the unlikely event your identity is stolen while under its care. If you choose not to have ID Watchdog monitor your identity, you can still take advantage of its recovery services if you discover your identity has been compromised. These are all reasons ID Watchdog has earned our Top Ten Reviews Bronze Award.

The ID Watchdog Plus plan performs basic identity monitoring, which includes credit alerts and scans of unencrypted chat rooms, malicious websites and black-market sites where personal information can be sold or traded. If the service detects a threat to your identity, it contacts you via email or text message. ID Watchdog also alerts the credit bureaus so they are aware that fraudulent activity may be reported to them.

The ID Watchdog monitors just about every area of your life to ensure your identity isn't being used fraudulently. This includes watching banks and other institutions to ensure a new account isn't opened in your name. It monitors medical records and driver's licenses in case someone attempts to pose as you. ID Watchdog also keeps tabs on public and criminal records to ensure your name isn't being used in connection with a crime. Each time a red flag comes up, ID Watchdog immediately contacts you and the appropriate agencies, and starts the recovery process.

In addition to watching your identity, ID Watchdog offers plans with credit monitoring, which include copies of your annual credit report. The only feature we didn't see with ID Watchdog is removal of your name from mail lists so you don't get as much junk mail and credit offers, which make you more vulnerable to identity theft. IdentityForce and LifeLock are two services that offer this feature

You may also enroll your children in any of ID Watchdog's plans. This is an important feature, as children are more likely than adults to become victims of identity theft.

If your identity is compromised, ID Watchdog starts working to help you recover it. If you are already a victim of identity theft, this service can help you resolve your issues and restore your good name, even if you haven't previously paid for its identity theft monitoring services. It offers three types of restoration services: one for financial records, one for personal and civil records, and one for law enforcement and government records. This comprehensive service sets it apart from other ID theft restoration companies, which usually only work with existing customers.

ID Watchdog guarantees its service 100 percent. If someone steals your identity, ID Watchdog employs its certified identity theft risk management specialists to work directly with you to resolve all problems. It also provides identity theft insurance to help you recoup your losses. The plans vary by state, though most services have a standard $1 million insurance cap.

You can call or email ID Watchdog during regular business hours. The website focuses on the service and does not offer general information on identity fraud or FAQs regarding its service. However, the terms and conditions are clear and thorough.

ID Watchdog has some effective resources and features that protect you from identity theft. This service looks at credit and public records, in addition to black-market sites that deal in trading personal information. If your identity has been stolen, the service can help you restore your good name, whether or not you're already a member. It's a service well worth checking out, especially if you have already fallen prey to identity fraud.

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