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Save up to 55% on IdentityForce: our #1 identity protection service starts at just $7.99 a month

IdentityForce - our #1 identity protection service - is now offering an even deeper discount on their plans. Get UltraSecure for just $7.99 a month and UltraSecure+Credit for $15.99 a month. 

IdentityForce is one of the most comprehensive identity monitoring services you can buy: it offers a range of features including identity monitoring for children, two-factor authentication, and a credit-improvement simulator.

So what exactly can IdentityForce monitor? You'll have tools that will scan the web for information like Social Security numbers, driver’s license numbers, phone numbers and email addresses to see if any of it has been compromised or used to, for example, take out a loan or open a credit card. Between information leaks and hackers getting into databases where millions of customers' information is stored, there's no price too small for some extra coverage - luckily, for a limited time (until 12/2), IdentityForce's price is relatively cheap compared to the level of protection it offers. With all that online shopping you're bound to do for the holidays, it couldn't hurt to have another layer of protection so you and your family don't risk identity theft that can affect your long-term goals, and even your reputation. 

Sophie Kaemmerle

Sophie is TopTenReviews’s Hobbies and Lifestyle Editor. She is a born and bred New Yorker who, paradoxically, loves being in the great outdoors. Her favorite pastimes include running, baking, and writing. She also spends her time volunteering and leading volunteer projects with the Good+ Foundation and Achilles International when not providing information on the best deals, products, and services on the internet to TopTenReviews readers.