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Infinite Auto Protection Extended Car Warranty review

With coverage for younger drivers and an excellent mileage allowance, Infinite Auto Protection is a great warranty provider.

Infinite Auto Protection Extended Car Warranty review
(Image: © Infinite Auto Protection)

Top Ten Reviews Verdict

One of the main advantages of Infinite Auto Protection is its high mileage allowance, up to 300,000 miles, way above the industry average. The cost per mile is also low, though some contracts may require full payment up front.


  • +

    Coverage for drivers as young as 19

  • +

    High mileage allowance

  • +

    Low cost per mile


  • -

    May require payment up front

Infinite Auto Protection has been operating in the extended warranty market since 2008 and is also one of the few companies to administer its own contracts, which can provide an advantage when it comes to customer service. 

It has a few unique selling points, including the fact that you can be as young as 19 years old to use its services, which is one of the youngest age restrictions we found among the best extended car warranties. Another is the 300,000 mileage limit, one of the highest that we came across while researching quotes. Infinite Auto Protection has three levels of cover, running through Foundation to Prime with increasing levels of coverage.  

Infinite Auto Protection review: Cost 

  • Average priced quotes
  • Some prices as low as $0.04 per mile

There are large discrepancies in prices when looking at quotes, with car models, years, mileage and geographic location all coming into play. 

For our quotes, we looked at vehicles with 150,000 miles on the clock, with warranty periods of 48 months. Infinite Auto Protection came in at around average for the industry, with some prices as low as $0.04 per mile compared to the industry average of $0.05 per mile. That's good, although not as cheap as CARCHEX.

However, you may not have a choice if you're a younger driver, as Infinite is one of the few providers to really cater to lower ages.

Infinite Auto Protection review: Products

  • Three levels of coverage
  • Foundation level offers best value
  • Prime is closest to manufacturer’s warranty

As mentioned, Infinite Auto Protection has three levels of coverage available among its extended warranty products. The levels are listed in impressive detail – more detail than many of their peers – on its website.

The most affordable and best value coverage can be found at the Foundation level, which offers entry-level coverage of the power train and internally lubricated parts. 

The second level is Modern, and includes additional systems. The highest level, and closest to a manufacturer’s warranty, is Prime. This highest level covers 15 categories of vehicle systems (as opposed to nine for Modern and eight for Foundation). 

Infinite Auto Protection Extended Car Warranty review

(Image credit: Infinite Auto Protection)

Infinite Auto Protection review: Key features

  • Excellent mileage and age restrictions
  • Full list of additional benefits
  • Coverage detailed on the website

Excellent mileage and age restrictions
Infinite Auto Protection has some notable limits for its coverage options. It's one of the few companies to offer coverage to potential customers as young as 19 years of age, for instance. Added to this, it has an impressive upper mileage limitation, with an industry-high 300,000 miles as the upper limit, making its coverage well worth looking into for older vehicles.  

Full list of additional benefits
Whichever Infinite Auto Protection warranty plan a potential customer chooses, they receive a full range of good additional benefits. This includes a choice of repair facilities, 24/7 roadside assistance, rental car provision, courtesy towing and flexible payment plans if necessary.  

Coverage detailed on the website
Most companies seem reticent to list the details of their coverage on their websites, but Infinite Auto Protection has very detailed lists of the vehicle systems that will be covered by each level of their warranty. 

Infinite Auto Protection: User reviews

  • A- rating from Better Business Bureau
  • 4 rating on Trustpilot
  • Initially insistent on a phone call to discuss quotes

Since it's a direct provider of warranty device contracts, Infinite Auto Protection enjoys the position of being able to provide a more seamless service, and this is reflected in its ratings with various institutions.

The Better Business Bureau has them listed as having a high A- rating. Global business review site Trustpilot rates them almost equally highly, with an excellent 4 star rating. 

Its main website is easy to use, and the quote process is made simple with all the necessary fields on the front page. It's somewhat initially insistent on a phone call to discuss quotes, but if you can wait a few days, then emailing is possible. There was a pleasant lack of any aggressive follow-up sales calls. 

The length and readability of the contracts once sent is about average for the industry, with sample contracts being around 8,500 words long. 

Should you choose Infinite Auto Protection?

Though not as well-known nationwide as many of the larger warranty extension companies, Infinite Auto Protection has some notable advantages. Firstly, it's one of the few companies, along with Endurance, to administer its own contracts, resulting in a more cohesive, seamless claims process. 

It also has some industry-leading limits, namely the low limit of offering coverage to 19 year old drivers, and the high limit of 300,000 miles for a covered vehicle. Its prices are average, as are its benefits, but its website has impressive detailing of its levels of coverage and it’s worth looking at the company especially for an older, high-mileage vehicle.   

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