iPhone Credit Card Swipers for Retail

Mobile credit card processing and iPhone credit card readers are typically marketed to businesses that require mobility by nature (contractors, couriers, street fair vendors). There are, however, several reasons why traditional retail outlets should seriously consider the technology as well. With practical benefits that go beyond portability, iPhone credit card swipers can offer a viable, versatile and valuable payment solution for retailers.

The benefits of accepting credit cards are certainly compelling on their own. Aside from convenience, speed and widespread use, accepting credit cards is a way to bring in more money. Customers tend to spend more money per transaction if they can pay with a credit card.

Add the portability and versatility of a smartphone to the mix, and mobile credit card processing is a no-brainer for anyone who needs to be able to accept credit cards wherever they go. But what about retailers? Are iPhone credit card swipers robust enough to compete on a larger scale?

While we don t foresee iPhones replacing POS terminals at grocery stores or big box retailers anytime soon, there are several unique opportunities for iPhone credit card swipers in-store.

Maximize Floor Space

You need all the floor space you can manage in your store, and you don t want to waste it on check-out lines you won t use (is it just me, or are half or more of the registers at retail stores NEVER used?) . Depending on your business, it might make sense to ditch the extra cash-register kiosks and save the floor space for additional products and displays. With iPhone credit card swipers, you can maximize floor space without sacrificing checkout potential. In fact, with every employee armed with an iPhone credit card swiper, you ll have available cashiers whenever and wherever you need them.

Close the Sale on the Spot

Your trained sales team members help customers locate what they re looking for, understand the benefits and even opt for an upsell. Then they watch helplessly as customers meander through the store and may or may not follow through on the actual purchase. Wouldn t it be great if your consultative sales team could close the sale on the spot as soon as the customer is  sold  on the product? Customers often allow little things like carrying an item to the front of the store and waiting in line stop them from making a purchase. With an iPhone credit card swiper, your staff can leverage the relationship they've built with store patrons and help them follow through on the purchase. Your customers will appreciate the convenience and opportunity to bypass traditional checkout. Your sales team will appreciate the increase in commission tracking and the reduced number of customers who walk away and change their mind.

Queue Busting

Long checkout lines leave customers frustrated, and at their worst they can ultimately lead customers to abandon the purchase altogether. What if there was a way to accommodate  line busting  without the hassle of opening up another checkout line? With an iPhone credit card swiper, your employees can take express checkouts to the customers. It s a great way for your back-up cashiers to quickly get through those unexpected lines and then just as easily return to their normal jobs. Customers will appreciate the thoughtful consideration and quicker checkout, and employees will be relieved with on-demand queue busting.

Mobile credit card processing is a powerful and versatile option for many businesses, and it may be just the thing to take your retail credit card processing to the next level. Implementing iPhone credit card swipers can help you better utilize floor space, manage checkout lines more effectively and offer on-the-spot processing for consultative sales. With the right iPhone credit card reader and mobile credit card processing app you can enjoy all the benefits of retail credit card processing with the convenience of accepting credit cards anywhere and everywhere.

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