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Acorn 6 Review

Acorn 6 is a powerful Mac photo editing software. It is user friendly, has professional-level tools, provides several ways to share photos and supports a variety of file formats.

Our Verdict

You can easily edit your photos using Acorn’s comprehensive toolset. Having robust sharing capabilities and supporting a wide variety of file formats, this versatile Mac photo editor helps you edit and share your photos with everyone.


  • This easy-to-use software comes with a wide selection of photo editing tools.


  • This software lacks a photo organizer.
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 Acorn 6 is a powerful Mac photo editing software. It is user friendly, has professional-level tools, provides several ways to share photos and supports a variety of file formats. 

Acorn sells for roughly $30, making it one of the least expensive programs we tested. Considering it comes with such powerful tools, this is quite a bargain. We didn't find this software selling on Amazon, so you'll need to purchase it through the company. Check out the 14-day free trial period to test it out.

This Mac photo editor has an interface similar to other photo editing apps, making it recognizable and easy to navigate. The software’s standard editing tools include selection, resizing, cropping and brushes. The application supports the use of layers, which preserves your original photo file during the editing process. You can add text to your photos and even create cool text effects to make the words stand out.

In addition to the standard editing tools, you can access several professional-grade tools on this software. With 139 creative filters, you can alter the color, texture and appearance of your photos. You can also adjust the highlights and shadows in your images, as well as dodge, burn and smudge them.

A great feature for photographers Acorn includes is batch processing, so you can apply the same edit to multiple photos. Whether you are cropping all of your images to a specific size or resizing them, it saves time when you can apply the change an entire batch of them at the same time. You also can create HDR images and panoramic pictures using multiple photos. With the cloning tool, you can eliminate unwanted objects, or you can use the makeover tools to touch up your subject’s skin.

This software shares a similar interface to other apps, but it is easier to use. It only shows the tools you need while you are editing. For example, when you are using image layers, it only displays the tools and features that you need to edit your layers. This helps keep your screen clean and free of unnecessary menus.

In this most recent version, the ability to create text on a path was added. You'll be able to add whimsical and playful titles to your images. The clone tool has also been improved so that you can clone any layer within a project.

The biggest downfall of this photo editor for Mac is that it does not include a photo organizer. The software does not display thumbnails of your images while you edit, offer advanced searches or create albums. However, you can manually organize your photos using folders on your Mac and achieve results similar to an organizer. If you'd prefer a program with a built-in organizer, you might be interested in Corel AfterShot.

Acorn supports eight common file types, including RAW, JPG, TIFF, PNG, GIF, PSD and PDF. You can import your photos from digital cameras or even your phone.

This software can also optimize your photos for online content using smart layer export and web export, which are alternatives to image slicing. You simply indicate you want your photos optimized when exporting, and Acorn adjusts them.

The best photo editing software for Mac provide a variety of ways for you to share your photos. Using Acorn, you can post your pictures directly to your Flickr account. You also can post your photos to online galleries or send them as email attachments. If you want to print off your photos and have hard copies of them, the software offers printing resources to help you do so.

Acorn is an affordable, easy-to-use Mac photo editing software. It offers advanced capabilities and professional level editing tools to help you completely transform your pictures. While it lacks a photo organizer, this software features broad file compatibility, sharing capabilities and a variety of support options in addition to its powerful editing tools.