Free Printable Medical ID Wallet Cards

Medical ID cards store your most important health information in one place. In a medical emergency, you may not be able to tell first responders about your specific health condition, which prevents medical personnel from properly diagnosing you. Medical cards help responders and medical alert professionals reach a faster diagnosis, provide correct treatment and eliminate errors.

Many individuals with medical conditions opt to wear medical ID tags, but these items often don’t provide enough information for medical personnel, particularly if you have many allergies, are taking numerous medications or have several serious conditions. Wallet medical ID cards provide the space to list all the crucial health information that could help save your life. If you do wear a medical ID tag, it is smart to engrave the phrase “See wallet card,” which will direct medical responders to your wallet card for additional health information.

What Information Should Be Included on a Wallet Medical ID Card?

There are numerous templates available for a wallet medical ID card. Some templates provide more information than others. If space permits, you should include contact information for your health care providers. However, there are a few pieces of information you should always include.

  • Current medications you are taking
  • Chronic medical conditions
  • All allergies
  • Personal contact information
  • Contact information of your emergency contacts

Where to Find Free Printable Medical ID Cards

It is important to keep your medical ID card up to date, but your health information, as well as any personal contact information, can change often. Paying for a medical ID card can become costly if you constantly need to update information. Several companies provide free medical ID cards or templates you can use to print the cards out yourself. Below are several options for free printable medical ID cards. features a free medical ID wallet card generator. You simply fill out the form with all your information and click submit. A card is then generated that you print out yourself. The information on the form is not stored for future use, ensuring privacy and security of all your personal information. When you need to update the card, you will need to re-enter all your information.

Hope Paige

Hope Paige was originally created to raise breast cancer awareness but eventually expanded to address many additional health conditions, including juvenile diabetes and food allergies. The company specializes in medical ID jewelry but also allows you to print free medical ID cards. This medical ID card generator is similar to other companies where you simply fill out a short form with all your personal information and it generates a wallet ID card that you can print and cut out yourself. No information entered on this website’s form will be saved or stored.

Elegant Medical Alert

With Elegant Medical Alert, there are no forms to submit. The company offers a free medical ID card template that you can print and then fill out by hand. The template provides spaces for contact information, illnesses, medication, blood type and your personal contact information. This is a much more basic option for a free printable medical ID card.

N-Style ID

N-Style ID provides a free template as well. To access the card, you download the card, print it out and fill it out with a pen. The card is double-sided, allowing you to enter more information than many other free cards. You can enter your own contact information as well as info for a family member and your physician. Your medical conditions, allergies, blood type and current medications can also be listed on one side of the card. To keep both sides of the card protected, fold the card in half and laminate it.


This company provides numerous medical ID tags and jewelry items. When you order from the company, you will receive a complimentary medical ID card. However, this company also provides two additional options to acquire a free ID card. You can print the card template directly and write in the information yourself, or you simply fill out a form which generates the card for you. Then you can print out the card and laminate to ensure durability.

American Medical ID

If you need more room for your medical information, an expandable medical ID card from American Medical ID may suit your needs. This card does come with a small cost and you must order it from the company. However, if provides eight front and back panels with ample room for all your conditions, allergies, numerous medications, family contacts and more. If you have much medical information that you’d like available on your medical ID card, an expandable card may be best for your needs, even if it costs a few dollars.

By using a printable medical ID card and ensuring that these cards are always up to date, you are taking a smart step to keep yourself or your family members safe.

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