Pros / Its plans are highly customizable.

Cons / You can only have one line per plan.

 Verdict / US Mobile offers highly customizable talk, text and data plans and lets you choose between two popular networks, but its unlimited plans are not a good value.

US Mobile is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO). It doesn’t own or operate its own network infrastructure, instead piggybacking off T-Mobile’s (GSM LTE) and Verizon’s (Super LTE) networks to provide cell phone plans. These are two of the best and fastest networks across the U.S., according to reports by RootMetrics, OpenSignal, Ookla and J.D. Power. And since there are two options, you can choose whichever network works best for your area.

While most cell phone providers are moving toward unlimited plans, US Mobile recognizes that not everyone needs so much talk, text and data. Though it has unlimited options, it also offers custom plans that let you decide how much of each service you need, so you aren’t paying for extra stuff you don’t use. If you only need talk and data, for example, you can add 100 minutes and 3GB for $27 a month, which includes a $4 service fee. If you just want unlimited texting, you can get that for $9 a month. We like that US Mobile accommodates so many situations. Families with a mixed bag of user styles can customize each plan. You can’t connect multiple lines on a single plan, which is a bit annoying, but the cheap prices are worth it.

US Mobile’s unlimited options aren’t the greatest, so if you’re looking for inexpensive unlimited high-speed data, we recommend checking out MetroPCS instead. US Mobile charges $79 for unlimited high-speed data, talk, text and hotspot data. That is its most expensive plan, though it does offer other unlimited options. You can also get unlimited high-speed data with 100 minutes and 100 texts or unlimited 1 Mbps data for less per month. The options are all customizable, even if they don’t make much sense, such as the unlimited slow data option.

You can purchase a SIM card to bring your own phone to US Mobile, or you can browse its lackluster device collection. The web shop doesn’t have any recent flagship smartphones, and there is only one basic phone option.

US Mobile is a good choice for specific situations. If you know exactly how much talk, text and data you need, you could potentially save money. It’s a good option for children and seniors, though its unlimited plans are on the expensive side – especially since there are no family or multi-line discounts.

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