Paytrust takes care of all your bills with its convenient online bill pay service. With Paytrust, you can pay your bills online from anywhere and to anyone, whether it's your gas company or your babysitter. The Paytrust bill payment service eliminates paperwork by receiving your mailed bills for you, saving you clutter in your mailbox and on your countertop. This bill pay service also receives your paper bills and uploads them to your account. This is one of the few bill payment services that accommodate bill payments from multiple accounts and also let you use any bank.

You never have to worry about forgetting a bill or paying late fees again with Paytrust. It keeps track of your bills and archives them for up to eight years. With its alerts, you know immediately when a bill arrives, when a bill is due, when an expected bill didn't come and more. Paytrust helps you keep your credit record clean and your bills paid with no filing, shredding or mailing.

Paytrust posts all of your bills in your online account. Companies with e-bill support send your bills electronically to Paytrust. Paytrust receives and scans your paper bills, then displays them online. You can view all your bill details as well as access your bank account without leaving the website. You can print your bills and access your records for up to one year online, and even archive your records offline for up to eight. You can also make online notes to yourself about particular bills and export your information to Microsoft Excel CSV format.

This bill payment service is very flexible and provides many options to pay your bills. You maintain complete control of your payments by deciding which bills you pay and how you pay them. Paytrust can send electronic payments as well as paper checks, allowing you to pay anyone. You can pay bills in full or just make minimum payments. Payments can be made from one or more accounts as long as they have check-writing ability.

Paytrust enables you to authorize payments individually each month or set up recurring payments. For instance, you may want to manually pay bills that vary each month and set regular monthly accounts with equal payments to automatically recur. With this service, you can create rules for paying bills. For example, you can make a rule that a bill less than $100 is paid in full, but if it is more than that amount, it switches to manual payment and sends you an email notification. This is a great tool for managing your finances.

To get started using Paytrust, you enroll on its website with your information. Paytrust then assists you in getting your bills sent to it electronically or through the mail. You can still receive your bills at home and use the Paytrust services to pay them. When changing your billing address to that of Paytrust, make sure your payees understand that your home address and your billing addresses are different.

Paytrust offers email and telephone support 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It also has a thorough FAQs page online.

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