Wells Fargo Bill Pay makes paying your bills from your Wells Fargo banking account easy. This bill pay service sends funds to almost any individual or business in the U.S. from your eligible Wells Fargo account. You control your payment schedule and can set up one-time payments or recurring payments. You choose how much to pay and when, and this bill payment service does the rest.

This is a free bill pay service if you have a minimum of $5,000 in an account or have an Advantage, College, Gold or PMA Prime Checking account. Otherwise, it's a monthly fee for up to 25 payments per month. When you need a bill paid quickly, Wells Fargo sends same-day payments for an additional fee. Even with the fee, this can be more economical than the charges and fees that your payee adds to late payments.

This bill pay service alerts you when payments are due. You can choose to receive e-bills from participating billers for no extra charge. Wells Fargo tells you how many days to allow for delivery when you set up a payment. Most electronic payments take 3-5 days, and paper checks may take up to five business days. Wells Fargo guarantees your payment will be sent as scheduled and all your information is secure.

With Wells Fargo Bill Pay, you can set up one-time payments or recurring payments for fixed bills such as your mortgage or car payment. You control your payment schedule by deciding how much is paid and when. Payment scheduling is available up to one year in advance. You can pay bills online from any of your Wells Fargo checking accounts or credit cards. Individuals and companies that are not set up for electronic bills receive paper checks. This bill pay service cannot provide payments to federal, state or local tax agencies. It cannot provide court-ordered payments either. The company sends you an email to let you know when payments have been sent.

Wells Fargo Bill Pay is easy to set up and use. Some of your loans and credit cards with Wells Fargo, such as consumer and business credit cards, lines of credit, installment loans, and personal and student loans are automatically entered. You can manually add Wells Fargo auto leases, home equity loans, lines of credit and mortgage accounts. It has a database of payees to save you time when adding accounts, but you can also enter information manually. You enter your payee's information once and Wells Fargo saves the information to make repeated transactions easier. This bill pay service saves you time and effort in managing your bills.

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