Xpress Bill Pay is a fast and easy way to pay your bills online and is a little more unique than some other bill pay services. With Xpress Bill Pay, you can use a credit card to make payments, whereas most online bill pay services require you to provide a checking account. Xpress Bill Pay can be used easily by companies that wish to receive payments online without having to deal with the worry of money getting lost or stolen, or by individuals to make payments online.

This free bill pay service sends payments within minutes, without the hassle of writing checks and sending envelopes in the mail. Xpress is guaranteed secure with its procedures tested daily by McAfee Security to make sure your information remains yours. It also provides a security page for you to look over and be reassured that your information is indeed in good hands.

Xpress is a free bill payment service, but a small fee might be required with companies that charge to receive online payments. Xpress can handle a variety of payment methods that are not determined by Xpress, but rather by the companies receiving the payments. Some payees do not accept credit cards, so you would need to have your funds transferred from a checking account. You can use the bank of your choice and set up manual payments, or you can set up automatic payments that come out on the day of your choice in a designated amount for quick results.

Xpress Bill Pay offers email alerts that notify you when a new bill has arrived, is almost due and when the payment has been made. If you have any concerns as to whether your payment was received, Xpress allows you to receive an email receipt to confirm that your payment went through. You can also view up to a year's worth of transaction history in a printable version to provide proof and reassurance of your past payments. You can also view and print all your bills online in the same version and format that the company would use to send them to you in the mail.

If you have any questions or concerns about Xpress Bill Pay, you can take a look at its FAQs page, where you can find answers to many questions. In case this page does not help you, Xpress also provides its email and phone contact information.

Xpress Bill Pay acts as a one-stop shop for all your bill paying needs. Currently, it provides service for utilities and municipal governments in many cities in selected Western states, including Utah, Idaho, Colorado, Arizona, Nevada and Oregon. However, it continues to expand, adding more cities. You can see on its website if your utility company is a customer of Xpress Bill Pay.

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