Pros / This online check ordering service offers original designs by licensed artists that you can't find elsewhere.

Cons / CheckAdvantage does not offer a product catalog for at-home shoppers.

 Verdict / With one of the largest selections of check designs available, a variety of additional supplies for business owners, and strong customer service, CheckAdvantage is the best check service we reviewed.

CheckAdvantage offers an outstanding selection of more than 2,500 unique check designs, with themes such as nature, art and sports. In addition to a multitude of design options, this online check ordering company provides impressive security features that protect you from fraud and theft. For these reasons and more, CheckAdvantage earns our Top Ten Reviews Gold Award.

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  1. We judged the design selection by counting up how many designs each service offers.
    More is better
  2. 1  CheckAdvantage
    2500.0 Designs
  3. 300.0 Designs
  4. 1250.0 Designs
  5. Category Average
    552.6 Designs

Customization Options

With CheckAdvantage, you will find a huge selection of designs created by independent, licensed artists. Each purchase is like getting your own miniature art gallery. This makes this company one of the best places to order personal checks. You can choose checks with floral bouquets, scenic prints or tropical coastlines. You can even create your own designs by uploading and displaying your own photos.

Another customization option is the use of stock logos. There are over 300 designs featuring sports, symbols and animals when you order checks online from this company. You can place the logos in the top corner of your checks to add style. In addition, you can select custom font designs for extra pizazz, or if you have a small at-home business and want your checks to reflect it.

The company has images and themes separated into categories, so it is easy to search for what you are interested in. You can also browse by current best-sellers. Since this online check ordering service is always adding new designs under its current themes, you can expect to find new and fresh artwork whenever you shop. Additionally, you can search hundreds of checkbook cover designs to find one that matches your checks. However, we found that this particular service does not offer many well-known animated characters under its cartoons category.

Check Styles & Add-Ons

This company provides personal checks in single sheets, or you can buy checks with carbon duplicates that record each transaction. Prices vary according to the design you choose and types of checks you purchase. You get a bulk discount for purchasing more checks, so it is cheaper to buy them in large quantities.

CheckAdvantage offers all of the add-on tools you need for managing your finances. When you purchase personal checks, you can order top-stub checks to keep track of your spending. In addition, you can use the included check register to record all of your transactions.

You have the opportunity to order business checks from CheckAdvantage. For a one-time setup fee, you can add a black-and-white company logo to your business checks. The company also provides payroll computer checks that are compatible with QuickBooks, Quicken and Peachtree accounting programs.

CheckAdvantage offers two different kits for business owners. One is specifically for QuickBooks and Quicken users, and it includes checks, a deposit record and an endorsement stamp. The other is a general disbursement check kit that includes the same supplies. These kits make it easy for you to set up accounts for your business.

You can get business checks in top-stub or side-tear formats, and you can order matching address labels and ink stamps. To help your business stay organized, the service also offers a selection of supplies that includes deposit slips and tax forms. You can even choose checks in different colors and order custom fonts.


CheckAdvantage provides the same safety features that you get when you buy checks from your bank. When you order checks online from this website, the service adheres to the security specifications required by the CPSA. In order to meet CPSA requirements, the checks use special paper, inks and design to prevent theft and fraud. You can tell if your check meets CPSA guidelines because a padlock icon is displayed on them.

Another security feature CheckAdvantage uses is microprint technology. Microprinting is an anti-counterfeiting method that uses small text that is difficult to reproduce. If someone tries to make a copy of your check, the text on the checks appears as a dotted line.

CheckAdvantage wants your long-term business, so it offers an ironclad security and privacy guarantee. This means the company guarantees that its checks exceed all security and fraud protection standards.

Help & Support

In case you have any questions regarding its products or services, the company offers a toll-free telephone number and email support. We were able to reach representatives quickly on the telephone, and the live chat agents are knowledgeable and helpful. A FAQs page is also on the website. CheckAdvantage has excellent customer service and offers a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your purchase. It replaces your order at no charge if it makes an error.

The only true shortcoming is the lack of a product catalog to deliver to your home. This would be useful if you prefer the old-fashioned method of ordering through the mail, and it would give you a physical copy of all the ordering options for your business and personal needs.


CheckAdvantage offers a vast assortment of check styles and related supplies for personal and small business use. It has excellent customer service, and it is easy to contact company representatives for help. The next time you are ready to order checks, you will be pleased with this company's large selection.

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