Pros / Budget buckets make it easy to see when and where you've overspent.

Cons / This program has minimal support for investments.

 Verdict / MoneyWell is a good program for keeping track of your spending, but it does require some time to set it up.

Editor's Note: This item is discontinued. Top Ten Reviews is no longer updating this product, but you can still read the full review below. 

MoneyWell personal finance software is good for budgeting. It comes with solid reporting features but isn't a good option if you have a lot of investments you want to manage. This software is developed by No Thirst Software, and software updates and patches are available for free. The cost for upgrading to the most current version from an older version varies.

This Mac financial software connects with all your financial institutions, so you can add transactions from your savings, checking, credit card and investment accounts. Connecting to your accounts is quick and simple; you simply input the routing number and account information. Once you've connected your accounts, you can download new transactions to keep MoneyWell current.

You'll find MoneyWell apps for iPhone and iPad. Using the apps, you can keep track of your budget and add transactions while away from your computer. These apps sync automatically with the desktop version, so your information is always current.

MoneyWell has a novel way of tracking your various budgets. You allocate money into certain buckets for things like groceries and dining out. Once the money has been spent, the bucket tips over. This is a nice way to visualize your spending and helps you keep track of where your money goes.

The one drawback of MoneyWell, though, is that it can take a while to set up your budget. You need to assign each transaction to a bucket as well as decide how much to allocate to each bucket. MoneyWell also allows you to set budgeting goals and set aside money for future big-ticket expenses.

There are multiple reporting options that give insight into your finances. Available reports include net worth overviews, cash flow and spending reports. You can export your tax information from this program to Numbers or Excel. While MoneyWell offers useful reporting, it lacks the visual presentation of some of the other products we reviewed.

This Mac personal finance software supports some investment features. You can get a high-level view of how your portfolio is performing as well as track the performance of your individual assets. This gives you an idea of where your investments fit into your financial picture, but it doesn't offer in-depth analysis.

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MoneyWell is a good choice if you are looking for Mac finance software to help you construct a budget. However, this program isn't ideal if you want in-depth analysis of your finances and investments.

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