Discover keeps its rewards credit card options simple and straightforward. If you want to earn cash back, you can do that with the Discover it card. If you need a travel card, the Discover it Miles credit card lets you earn frequent flier miles. The Discover it Chrome credit card is another cash back card, but it gives you rewards for your gas and dining purchases.

The Discover it card is an everyday rewards credit card that helps you earn some cash back when you make everyday purchases. For every purchase you make, you earn 1 percent cash back that can be redeemed to put some Benjamins back in your pocket. You can also earn up to 5 percent cash back on certain purchases that change quarterly. You are required to sign up each quarter in order to earn the 5 percent cash back. The quarterly 5 percent cash back does have a cap, whereas the 1 percent cash back on all purchases does not.

Frequent fliers can benefit from the Discover it Miles card with unlimited 1.5 miles on every dollar you spend on purchases. You can redeem those miles you earn with any airline, and there are no blackout dates. If you'd prefer, you can turn those miles into cash.

If you prefer to use a rewards credit card on gas and dining purchases, the Discover it Chrome Card rewards you for those dollars spent. You can earn 2 percent cash back at gas stations and restaurants, but there is a quarterly cap. Other purchases earn you unlimited 1 percent cash back.

Aside from cash back credit card rewards, the Discover it cards offer a lengthy introductory annual percentage rate (APR) of 0 percent. After which, your APR switches to a variable rate based on the national prime rate and your creditworthiness.

None of Discover's rewards credit cards come with an annual fee, but there are fees to be aware of. If you're late with a payment, you will be charged. Additional fees include a balance-transfer and cash-advance fee.

Being a Discover it member comes with additional benefits, including some shopping, travel and other benefits that can come in handy. Be sure to check the terms of each credit card often as the benefits, fees and rewards can change at any time.

Some of the travel benefits include flight accident insurance and auto rental insurance when you use your card to book a flight or rent a car. Additionally, you will be covered with its baggage delay insurance, which can come to the rescue in the event your luggage gets delayed and you need clothing and other essentials immediately. The Discover it cards also provide purchase protection, an extended product warranty, a return guarantee and other shopping benefits when you use your card to purchase items.

The easiest way for members to get support for Discover it cards is by contacting the company by phone. You can also log into your online account and send a secure email message. Discover is available by phone anytime. You can also view frequently asked questions and other help topics in Discover's online Help Center.

The Discover it line of rewards credit cards have lengthy introductory offers, no annual fee and by just using your card on everyday purchases, you can earn cash back. You will also have access to a plethora of travel and shopping benefits each time you use your card.