For someone who has just turned 18 and is looking for an opportunity to start building a credit history, it is a good idea to look for a student credit card. The best student credit cards provide ways to build a strong credit history while also having some safety features to protect your credit should you make some initial blunders like paying your credit card bill late.

Discover it for Students is a credit card for college students that has a low APR for the first six month of purchases, a grace period and excellent cash back rewards, as well as no annual fee and additional benefits. This student credit card does not require a co-signer, but the applicant must be 18 years or older and an enrolled student to qualify.

When you're looking for the best credit cards for students, finding a card with a low APR is ideal. Keep in mind the APR after your introductory rate differs depending on the Prime Rate market and your creditworthiness.

There is no grace period when you make a balance transfer or cash advance, so it is important to note that when you perform either action. The Discover it for Students does not have a penalty APR rate, which means if you miss a payment, your APR won't spike.

One advantage to using Discover it for Students is that there are no annual, over-limit or foreign transaction fees. Additionally, you aren’t likely to incur any late fees the first time you make a late payment, but any subsequent late payments do incur late fees. Also, any returned payments have a charge.

When you use this credit card for students, you don't have to worry about messy point reward systems. Discover it for Students is a cash back, student-reward credit card that gives you unlimited cash back rewards on all of your purchases. You can earn cash back on purchases you make in specific categories throughout the year. These categories change quarterly and include retailers like restaurants, gas stations, movie theaters, department stores and more. However, each cash back program has a cap, and you must sign up for each quarterly program you wish to participate in beforehand.

One way you can redeem your rewards is by paying for items on with your earned cash back. You can also use your rewards as account credit, direct deposit, gift cards or charity donations. However, Discover does not send your cash back rewards in the form of a check, and you cannot directly transfer your rewards to make a payment on your student loan.

You do not have to redeem all of your cash back points at once, which is a great benefit to using Discover it credit cards. In addition, you can enjoy its split-pay feature, which allows you to use a portion of your cash back rewards to cover the cost of a purchase and place the remaining balance on your credit card.

The Discover it for Students card comes with fraud protection features to ensure your information and money are secure at all times. Fraud specialists are available 24/7, and you are not responsible for any unauthorized charges made with your card. You also enjoy the benefits of extended warranty protection. This credit card has many additional benefits, including travel assistance and travel-accident insurance. Additionally, auto-rental insurance is available for all Discover it for Students cardholders.

Discover provides an array of member support options for its cardholders. It has 24/7 help and support through email, chat and phone. This is good for college cards because it gives you protection should your card be lost or stolen. Discover provides an emergency card-replacement service, which ensures you are taken care of should you lose your card. Discover also has a FAQs page on its website for additional support.

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