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Pros / You can check the progress of your credit repair online or through a mobile smartphone app.

Cons / This credit repair company has the highest monthly fee of any service we reviewed.

 Verdict / This credit repair company is more expensive than some of the services we reviewed, but the simple monthly cost and excellent education features makes it a good choice for those who just want to pay a flat fee and start repairing their credit.

Though it’s one of the more expensive credit repair services we reviewed, CreditRepair.com gives users the ability to easily track the progress of disputes. For many customers who are using credit repair to work up to a better car loan or mortgage rate, the ability to easily track your credit progress is very useful.


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  1. This amount is the cost of one month of a company’s basic credit repair service.
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  2. 2  CreditRepair.com
  3. $80.0
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Support & Services

CreditRepair.com has an education section that features a series of informational videos. The site also has a section of articles that are divided by subject and that go in-depth into specific credit repair issues. The educational features of the site ranked high in our review because this company also has a section that talks about money management and investing – a nice extra for people who may be struggling with other financial situations besides poor credit.

Like the best credit repair companies we reviewed, CreditRepair.com assigns you an individual paralegal when you sign up for its service. This gives you a familiar voice to talk to if you have questions or need specific help. And if you need to get help when your paralegal isn’t available you can call in to a service queue and get help from a regular customer service agent.

Cost & Fees

When it comes to costs and fees, CreditRepair.com is one of the most expensive credit repair companies we reviewed. Its cost for six months of service is over $600, over twice as expensive as the Credit People, the cheapest service in our review.

One nice thing about the fees, though, is the lack of a setup fee. Many credit repair companies will charge you an initial fee to begin working on your credit, but this company only charges you the fee to pull your credit report and the monthly fee once it starts working on your disputes.

The couples discount for signing up with your spouse isn’t very good with CreditRepair.com. It offers a discount of just 8 percent, while other companies we evaluated offered 20 percent or more if you sign up with a spouse.

Program Details

This credit repair company works with all three credit agencies – Equifax, TransUnion and Experian – as well as your original creditors to remove negative items from your credit report. It’s important to remove erroneous negative items from the bureaus and your creditors because if you only remove the negative items from the bureaus’ reports, the creditors can still report the items and they will return.

CreditRepair.com also gives its customers access to monthly credit monitoring and identity theft protection at no extra charge. These services warn you if your identity is compromised and help you to keep track of your credit without having to pay a separate monthly cost through a third-party service.


CreditRepair.com offers one of the highest quality credit repair services in our review – but at one of the highest costs. Even though this company offers excellent educational resources, including videos and investing tips, the cost for six months of service is nearly double the cost of the cheapest credit repair service we reviewed. If keeping track of your progress through an online portal and mobile app are important, the high cost of this credit repair company may be worth it for you.

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Support & Services

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