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Pros / The Credit People offers some of the most affordable credit repair service over a six-month period.

Cons / This credit repair company doesn’t offer quality education about credit for its customers.

 Verdict / If you’re looking for credit repair but have a tight budget, the Credit People offers credit repair for the most affordable prices we found in our review.

Editor's Note: The Credit People no longer charges a fee for the initial credit report, and the service gives you the option of choosing between a team or individual case advisor. 

When it comes to repairing your credit, you might not know where to start. If you have lots of negative items on your report that are bringing your score down, working with a credit repair company like the Credit People might be a wise investment. The Credit People offers credit repair services for a reasonable cost over six months of service, and it offers quality service.

One downside to this credit repair company is its lack of quality credit education for its clients. While other companies offer blogs, eBooks, courses and video series, the Credit People offers much less in the way of education.

You can download several PDF brochures from the website’s “Help Zone,” but the education offerings lack a discussion of the individual types of negative items you’ll find on your credit report as well as helping you understand the laws that affect your credit score. The PDFs, however, are well-designed and give you a lot of information about how credit is reported and the specifics of how credit repair can affect your credit and your life.

One other negative to signing up for an account with this service is that you aren’t assigned an individual case advisor or paralegal to help you in your journey to better credit. While it’s not necessary to have one point of contact, many people will want to talk to a familiar voice about their credit, and being shuffled into a customer service queue can be off-putting for some.

The Credit People doesn’t offer any add-on services or higher tiers – you have the option for just one plan. If your spouse also has bad credit, however, you can sign up together for a small discount. This discount isn’t much when compared to other companys’ discounts, but the cost is so low to begin with that the Credit People still offers the best credit repair in terms of value for couples.

As with other credit repair companies in our review, the Credit People charges a fee to pull your credit report before you can begin service. This fee lets your consultant review the negative items on your report and decide which items to dispute first.

Like the best credit repair companies in our review, the Credit People works with both credit bureaus and your original creditors. This ensures items removed from your credit report don’t come back if a creditor reports the information again.

The company also offers monthly credit monitoring with its service, something that is important to keep track of if you’re trying to build up your credit.

Unfortunately, this credit repair service doesn’t have any option to include identity theft protection. Identity theft is one major reason that many people need credit repair, and we appreciate companies that included ID-theft protection as part of their service.

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If you’re considering credit repair, cost is likely a major factor in your decision. The Credit People offers value credit repair for a fraction of the cost of other services we reviewed. Though this company offers fewer educational resources than many other companies, it still provides the important services and works with creditors. If you’re interested in credit repair but don’t want to spend $600 or more, the Credit People may be the best option for you.

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