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Pros / Freedom Debt Relief has a good reputation in the debt relief industry.

Cons / The company was slow to provide support via email.

 Verdict / Freedom Debt Relief has a solid reputation within the debt relief industry, making it a trustworthy choice for your debt consolidation program.

Editor's Note: Freedom Debt Relief has updated its services. It offers both debt management and debt consolidation services. Programs can last up to 60 months and reduce debt by as much as 30%. Fees range from 15% to 25%. Freedom Debt Relief no longer operates in Colorado.

Freedom Debt Relief provides lower than average service fees when compared to other debt consolidation companies on our lineup. It is also complies with the FTC regulations that prohibits charging advanced fees for settlement.

When deciding on a bill consolidation company, there are two important factors you need to consider: low fees and high reduction rates. Freedom Debt Relief's fees range from 18 to 25 percent of your total amount of debt. However, the rates you end up paying vary, depending on your specific situation.

To begin your program, fill out the form found on the website and a debt specialist will contact you. During your free consultation, you go over your debt and the types of debt you have to see if you qualify for the program. Not all unsecured debts are eligible for consolidation; for example, student loan consolidation is often not an option. Keep in mind that during this consultation, you should not be pressured to divulge any personal account information.

Freedom Debt Relief doesn't charge advanced fees or account management fees for debt consolidation. While the FTC laws prevent companies from charging advanced fees for services, some companies try to find loopholes through this by charging management fees or consultation fees. Freedom Debt Relief does not charge any monthly fees, unlike Curadebt or Oak View.

Throughout the process, it is important to remember that your creditors are not required to negotiate your debt. They are still within their rights to contact you about your debt and may even sue you. While this is an extreme action and many people are not sued, it is still a possibility. Freedom Debt Relief clearly states that it will try to minimize collection calls but cannot stop them.

The time frame for this program is around 24 to 48 months, which is well within the industry average. While this may seem like an excessive amount of time, you should be wary of any company that promises it can quickly eliminate your debt. Debt consolidation can help ease the burden of your debt but is not a quick fix; it requires dedication and time in order to succeed.

On the company website, Freedom Debt Relief outlines the harms of the debt consolidation program and its negative effect on your credit score and ability to take out loans. Furthermore, the costs of the programs and eligibility requirements are clearly stated. All of this information has to be disclosed before you sign up for the program, and it is reassuring to see Freedom Debt Relief providing it so prominently on its website.

The website also provides self-help resources, such as its debt relief guide, which outlines payments schedules and different options. This allows you to decide which program is the best fit for you. Basic customer support provided by this company is available via phone and email but not by live chat. When we spoke with representatives, we found them to be knowledgeable and polite. However, when we contacted the company via email, it was slow to respond to our requests.

Freedom Debt Relief values its good reputation as evident by the accreditations they have pursued. The company is both IAPDA and AFCC accredited. While neither is a government agency, they both work within the debt relief industry to protect consumers. The IAPDA provides training and certifications to debt arbitrators so they can uphold FTC regulations while dealing with clients and use best practices when negotiating your debts. The AFCC provides third-party surveys of consolidation companies to ensure that they are upholding FTC laws.

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Freedom Debt Relief is one of the most popular names in the debt consolidation industry and for good reason. It has a solid reputation and does not try to hide the risks involved with a debt consolidation program. While this information may scare some people away, it is important to note that the company is presenting facts so you can make the best decision possible.

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