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Pros / This service has one of the highest reductions rates.

Cons / The timeframe ranges from one to 42 months, which falls outside of the industry average.

 Verdict / Superior Debt Relief offers higher than average reductions to its consumers, but it charges above average fees. Overall savings with this company are still high, making it a good choice.

Superior Debt Relief, established in 1998, has positive ratings with business rating services and few customer complaints overall. This makes it a good choice for debt consolidation.

When you start your debt consolidation program, you fill out the online form found on the company website. After you provide your contact information and amount of debt, a debt counselor will contact you to go over your finances and help you select a program that meets your needs. Initial consultations are free, and Superior Debt Relief does not charge upfront fees or maintenance fees with its service.

On average, you need $10,000 of unsecured debts before Superior Debt Relief will work with you. However, these numbers are evaluated on a case-by-case basis and may vary depending on where you live. Superior has a high average reduction rate, saving clients an average of 42 percent after fees. Fees for service are 35 percent of the settled amount of debt. This is the highest amount we saw. Companies like Accredited and National Debt Relief offer lower fees.

Superior is IAPDA accredited. IAPDA trains and certifies arbitrators for the best debt consolidation companies. This ensures that when you work with Superior, its representatives uphold FTC standards when interacting with you and that they have the negotiation skills in the industry. While your personal arbitrator is negotiating with your creditors, you begin placing money into a FDIC-insured account. The funds from these accounts will go toward paying your creditors.

The timeframe from your program varies based on your amount of debt and ability to put money into your FDIC-savings account. The company claims that consolidation programs take between one and 42 months. This is outside the industry average, and it is unlikely that your program will only take one month to complete. While this number may seem attractive, be wary of any claims for a quick fix.

When you work with Superior, you are assigned an account manager who is your main point of contact for the duration of your program. Additionally, you do not have access to an online account management portal with this program. You can also visit the website for financial tips and tools, including a debt calculator that helps you determine how long it will take you to finish paying of your debts at your current rate.

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Superior Debt Relief Services has a solid reputation in the industry and has higher than average reduction rates, meaning that a large majority of saving are passed on to you. However, Superior does advertise a below average timeframe for its program, so make sure to get a realistic estimate from the company.

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