Alliant Credit Union provides auto loans as part of its services. One advantage of choosing a credit union is they tend to have rates that beat the industry average and are better than what you can find at BlueSky and CarsDirect. You will need to meet the membership requirements to join, but when you do you will become eligible for various promotions and discounts.

An auto loan through Alliant can be used at either franchised or independent dealerships. Franchised dealers sell new cars and have service departments while independent dealers have a wider selection of mostly used cars. You can also use a loan from Alliant to purchase a car from a private seller. Alliant also has tools on its website to help you find cars from local dealers.

Typically, you’ll be approved the same day you apply, but in some cases it can take up to two days to receive approval. The auto loan application is done online, and all the documents can be signed electronically.

After you've finalized your loan, you can set up automatic payments through Alliant's website. The minimum loan amount is $4,000, making Alliant it a good choice if you need a smaller loan because you have a large down payment or have found a low-cost car. There is no minimum income requirement to apply for a loan with Alliant.

If you haven’t found a car yet, Alliant offers a car buying service to help you locate a vehicle. The company has partnered with dealers across the country and offers discounted rates for new and used cars through this service.

To join Alliant you must meet one of its membership requirements. These include living or working in a community near its Chicago headquarters, being either a current or retired employee of a qualifying organization or having a family member who is. If you don’t meet those criteria, you can make a one-time donation to Foster Car for Success.

Alliant is a credit union that offers auto loans as one of its services. If you meet its membership requirements, you’ll be able to get a car loan for a rate that can be better than the national average.

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