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MyTrees review

MyTrees is an affordable genealogy website which gets you direct genealogist contacts and great customer care.

(Image: © MyTrees)

Our Verdict

MyTrees has been around since 1996 and the dated website sure does look like it's had little love. That said, the records are decent with plenty to pick from, including search assistance and access to professional help.


  • Over one billion records
  • Pro genealogist support
  • 10-day memberships


  • Old website
  • No DNA testing

One of the best genealogy websites for affordability, MyTrees isn't a pretty website but its records are in depth with a US and Canada focus. There are plenty of unique features like message board access to professionals, newsletter construction and updated tree alert notifications. The lack of app and DNA support is a downside but pricing structure is excellent and fair.

A lack of app and DNA support won't appeal to all but features like newsletters and storytelling make this great for those wishing to share their progress. The pricing is fair and well structured making MyTrees a great way to test the waters if you're new to family tree building. 

MyTrees review: What you need to know

  • Over one billion records
  • 10-day memberships
  • GEDCOM compatible

MyTrees is one of the genealogy websites that allow you to dip in and research for short periods of time without spending lots of money thanks to a 10-day membership option. This is available in Archives also, and FamilySearch is totally free.

Once in you can enjoy access to the one billion plus records. Yes, that's not as many as some of the competition, such as, offer. But you do get lots of religious historical records with a specific focus on the US and Canada.

The website allows you to not only research but also to build your family tree. This not only includes births and deaths but also religious ceremonies, which is unique to this site.

Customer support is excellent but also there's an ability to tap into a list of professional genealogists which can be a great help. This is especially useful for those that want real world help with the ancestral hunt rather than simply using online tools alone. 

MyTrees review: Historical database

  • Not be the biggest
  • Just over one billion records
  • Mainly US and Canadian

The MyTrees database might not be the biggest at just over one billion records, but that's still plenty when you consider it's mainly US and Canadian. So if your family is within these regions for generations back this could be an ideal record system for you to use. 

  • Birth, marriage and death certificates
  • Census data
  • Newspapers
  • Military records
  • Family trees
  • Photos and document

The records are plentiful and, helpfully, the site even advises you on where to search first and second based on what you're looking for.

MyTrees review: Build your family tree

  • Can build your family tree from scratch
  • Option to upload a GEDCOM file
  • Can be alerted when anything new appears relevant to your tree

You can build your family tree from scratch, entering names, dates and locations to find matches. This didn't always work as well as some sites so it might be better to research first then build your tree once you have details on what you're searching for. The more you can narrow down a search, the easier building the tree becomes. 

You also have the option to upload a GEDCOM file so if you already have a family tree built you can continue your search and grow it here. Equally, if you build your tree here and want to share that file with others you can download to do that.

There is a really nice feature that allows you to be alerted when anything new appears that might be relevant to your tree. You can also browse and post messages on the message board which allows you to get contact from professional genealogists.

There is also an option to add pictures to your ancestors so the family tree will have faces to go with the names. This is a really nice feature for an at-a-glance tree which really jumps out at you.

You can also build up a newsletter to send out so that new discoveries are shared with friends and family as you make them. You can even write your family story and share that too.

Is MyTrees worth the cost?

  • Useful 10-day pass for $10
  • Three other pricing options
  • Prices start at $20 for one month

MyTrees, rather uniquely, offers a handy 10-day pass for quick access without the commitment that other sites often demand. There are lots of other ways to break down how you pay with something for everyone. Pricing breaks down like this:

  • 10 days for $10 (average $30/month)
  • One month for $20 (average $20/month)
  • Three months for $45 (average $15/month)
  • 12 months for $120 (average $10/month)

Should you use MyTrees?

MyTrees is a great resource for those searching in the US and Canada mostly. While the site is very dated the resources behind it are broad, the family tree builder actually has some useful features.

What this really stands out on is human contact. You can use the message board to contact professional genealogists for real-world advice that could help your search. And should you need customer service you can rest easy knowing that is friendly and helpful too.

GEDCOM support is useful but if you're looking for DNA tracking or a decent mobile app you'll need to go elsewhere. Also, finding auto links isn't so great here compared to some of the bigger names, although the notifications for new changes is helpful.