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The bright blooms and unique design of the dozen red roses we evaluated from make it a good choice.

Our Verdict's Dozen Rose Contempo is a fun twist on a classic. Cutting all the stems short on this bouquet was a design risk that really paid off.


  • You get a confirmation email when your bouquet is delivered


  • The website doesn't have a free text search function is a flower delivery online service that uses local florists to fulfill orders, so we received our bouquet from a local vendor. The arrangement was cut with very short stems in a square glass vase, which we thought was perfect for someone in an office or a home with very little counter space.

This arrangement had a unique design compared to the long-stem bouquets we evaluated, and most of our reviewers gave it high scores. This petite little bundle was well liked not only for its design, but because of its beautiful blooms. This bouquet had some of the most vibrant red blossoms we had ever seen, and paired with tiny green serrated leaves, it really stood out. Many websites have a disclaimer that says outsourced bouquets won’t look exactly like they do on the website, but this one was one of the few that showed up exactly as we were expecting. Its design would be ideal for your sweetheart’s desk. sends you an email confirmation when your flowers arrive so you don’t have to wait and worry. Like, the company also sells food gift baskets, chocolates and other edible treats if you really want your delivery to make an impression. A variety of flowers – including lilies, sunflowers, roses and even delphinium – are available but the selection is midrange compared to other websites we looked at. Whatever you choose, you can buy the bouquet as shown on the website or upgrade to deluxe or premium with bigger blooms and more foliage.

One downside to this service is the website doesn’t have a text search function, so you have to look either by occasion or type of flower. This isn’t very convenient if you don’t know much about flowers or what they look like. It’s also unclear how much shipping and handling will cost until you enter your information. We found this to be the case with a lot of online flower delivery websites including Harry & David, so keep in mind you’re going to pay more than the sticker price once shipping and handling is added on.

The bouquet we got was rather expensive considering its small stature, so many of our reviewers weren’t sure it was worth the cost. At the same time, most of our reviewers were surprised by the cost of roses in general no matter where they came from. You’re not going to find a quality online bouquet of a dozen roses for $10.

This bouquet’s lifespan was also impressive. One rogue flower wilted after a mere four days, but the rest of the bouquet lasted for 11 days, which was the longest any of the roses we ordered lasted. This little arrangement really stood out because of its vibrant red blooms and left an impression on our reviewers.

Anna Burleson
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