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Pacific Debt Inc. review

Pacific Debt Inc. offers solutions for those with a significant amount of debt they are struggling to pay off.

Pacific Debt Inc. review
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Top Ten Reviews Verdict

Pacific Debt Relief could be a good choice to help you settle your debt, but we believe there are better debt settlement companies to choose from.


  • +

    Quick response times

  • +

    Dedicated case handler

  • +

    Above average reduction rates


  • -

    Only available in 32 states

  • -

    Customer service is less knowledgeable than other providers

  • -

    Slightly higher fees than average

  • -

    Can have a negative impact on credit

Pacific Debt Inc offers personalized debt settlement solutions for people who have over $7,500 of debt they are struggling to pay off. Each client is assigned a personal account representative, who will work with them to find the right solution to reduce their debts and ease the stress of monthly repayments.

The best debt settlement companies offer a solution to those who are unable to keep up with their loan or credit card payments. When you enroll in a program, you will stop paying the people you owe money to, and instead pay into an account that is managed by Pacific. After a pre-determined length of time, Pacific will contact the people you owe money to and negotiate to pay them a lump sum payment that is lower than the total amount owed.

In order to work with Pacific you need to have a minimum total debt amount of $7,500, and each of the accounts you entrust them with will need to have over $750 worth of debt associated with them. This is a relatively low minimum amount for each account, making it a good option if you have lots of smaller debts. However, if your total debt is lower than $7,500 it's worth looking at New Era Debt Solutions instead.

Pacific Debt Inc review: Features

  • Personal account representative
  • Settlement plans to suit your circumstances
  • Low minimum debt requirement on each individual account
Pacific Debt Inc: Key figures

Information Support: Over the phone, and online
Support: Online, Phone 
Computer, tablet, and mobile

When you contact Pacific Debt Inc about wanting to start a debt settlement program, you will be assigned a personal advisor. The advisor will discuss your current financial situation, and explain the options they can offer to help you. Before first contacting them, it is best to sort out a list of the money you owe and have a breakdown of your income and outgoings to hand too. This will help them find a solution that is right for you.

Debt settlement can damage your credit rating, which is why you should always consider the best debt consolidation companies first. The main reason for this is that your credit will be impacted during the period in which you stop paying creditors, and instead put monthly amounts into an account with Pacific. You may have debts sent to companies' collections departments during this time, which can affect your credit. It is worth keeping this in mind, and discussing it with your advisor so that you understand the process fully before signing up.

If you are worried about being contacted by companies you owe money during the time when you are paying into your settlement account, talk to Pacific Debt Inc about changing the contact details your creditors have to theirs. They will then be able to take the calls and deal with any mail on your behalf which can make the time you are waiting for your settlement to grow a lot less stressful. Your advisor will be able to give you some tips about how to deal with any calls you do receive. 

Pacific Debt Inc review: Interface and usability

  • Personal account manager
  • Responsive staff
  • Range of solutions to suit your circumstances

Once you have agreed on a debt settlement plan with Pacific Debt Inc you can monitor your progress online or through a quick call to your personal advisor. On taking out an agreement with the company you should be made aware of how long it will take before Pacific Debt Inc can start to negotiate on your behalf so each month you should be able to see the money pot getting bigger.

For any questions, staff are available by phone and email, although the application process does need to be done over the phone.

We did find that Pacific Debt Inc customer service was not quite as knowledgeable about the settlement programs as other companies we contacted, such as National Debt Relief or Freedom

Pacific Debt

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Pacific Debt Inc review: Quality of product

  • Knows the market
  • Good reduction rates
  • Fees fall in line with the market average

Pacific Debt Relief is able to offer its services in 32 states. It is certified by the IAPDA and AFCC, which means its staff should have a high level of training in order to work with you.

It aims to help customers find a solution to their debt problem that works well for them. Customers generally end up paying 65% to 75% of the original amount of debt, including fees, which is around average.

Pacific Debt Inc review: Customer reviews

  • Trustpilot score of 4.5 stars
  • More than 650 reviews

Pacific Debt Inc has a rating of 4.5 stars from Trustpilot and in general, customer reviews show that the initial registration process is easy to understand and that advisors take their time to get to know your concerns and answer all your questions. 

Some customers have found that their advisors tend to move around if the lifetime of the settlement is several years, which can be offputting especially if you have developed a relationship with your advisor. 

While the company is not available in all states it does still work with trusted partners, so customers have expressed shock at finding paperwork that is different from Pacific if based out of state. However, this should be fully explained during the initial phone call.

Should I choose Pacific Debt Inc.?

Pacific Debt Inc offers a solid service for its customers and works closely with them to make sure it is the right step for them to take. It is always important to remember that debt settlement can have a negative impact on your credit, so starting the process should be considered very carefully. The company's advisors are highly trained and will be able to help you decide if it is right for you.

The fees charged by Pacific Debt Inc are on par with the industry average. They also have a low minimum debt amount for each loan. However, they do have a minimum overall debt amount of $7,500. 

The fees it charges for their service are average and vary between 15% and 25%. Its customers are generally able to pay back 50% of the debt they initially owed after negotiation and before fees are taken into account. 

If you have an understanding of debt settlement and a significant amount of unpaid debt that you are struggling to pay off but have it spread out over a number of accounts, Pacific Debt Relief could be a good choice for you.

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