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Five Best Penny Stock Newsletters

One of the most important things to do when trading penny stocks is to stay informed about movements in the market. Newsletters are a key tool for finding updated information on prices and buy and sell alerts. Some newsletters even include community forums, chat rooms and training materials. Many newsletters charge a yearly or quarterly fee for access to the information they provide. With many services, if you sign up for a yearly plan over a quarterly plan, there may be a reduction in cost.

Keep in mind that nothing is guaranteed. Penny stock newsletters offer advice on trades, but they make no promises that you will make a profit. Do not invest money unless you can afford to lose it without creating financial hardship for yourself.

Here is our list of the best penny stock newsletters.

Penny Stock Prophet – $97 (Lifetime)
This program is headed by James Connelly, who built his own personal fortune through penny stock trading. You can join this program for one lifetime payment. This newsletter is extremely affordable. However, it does not offer extensive educational materials about the basics of trading. For this reason, it is best to have a strong base knowledge of stock trading if you choose this program.

When you sign up for Penny Stock Prophet’s newsletter, you receive information about key breakout penny stocks and ones to watch. The newsletter is published on a weekly basis, so you do not receive instant buy or sell alerts. The document outlines some top stocks and offers in-depth information about why the stocks are good picks, including a detailed background of the company and its business model. If you are not sure that Penny Stock Prophet is the right investing source for you, you can try it with the safety of a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Falcon Stocks – $197 (Yearly)
This is a family-run penny stock newsletter. Some newsletters and stock watching companies work with third-party analysts and researchers; Falcon Stocks has its own small staff to independently research penny stocks. It never partners with outside analysts and prides itself on having no outside influence on its decision-making process.

It costs $197 per year to use Falcon Stocks. You receive a substantial discount when you sign up for more than one year at a time. When you sign up, you receive a weekly newsletter with the pick of the week. You can also access past reports on stocks and full details about previously selected companies. Finally, you can interact with other traders and receive full-fledged support from the Falcon Stock team.

Penny Stock Dream – $450 (Yearly)
This newsletter offers a couple different service levels. There is a free level that you can sign up for by simply providing your email address. When you sign up for the free version, you receive one newsletter per week that outlines that week’s top pick. However, the company does not always update the free version, so you may receive the same top pick multiple weeks in a row.

If you sign up for the paid version, for $450 per year or $60 per month, you receive updated newsletters, and you get them before they are sent to the free-version members. This means that you get first looks at the best stocks and can jump on them before anyone else is aware of the picks. With the paid membership, you also have access to direct help from the Penny Stock Dream team.

Penny Pro – $999 (Yearly)
Penny Pro is the most comprehensive program on our list, with a penny stock newsletter and built-in buy and sell alerts. However, with a steep price of almost $1,000 per year, it is only for the most dedicated penny stock trader. Do not invest in this program if you are inexperienced or only intend to trade sporadically. Other newsletters are more than enough for the passive trader.

The head trader at Penny Pro is Jeff Williams, who also works with the company’s sister site, Top Stock Picks, and has been trading professionally for the last 15 years. When you sign up with Penny Pro, you have access to a video library that provides instructions on top strategies for trading penny stocks. You also receive instant buy and sell alerts via email and text messages. Finally, you can access the Penny Pro chat room, where other users and hundreds of active traders interact daily.

If you are considering Penny Pro but are not sure it is worth the high yearly cost, you can read reviews from current members on the website or see what people have to say about the company on its social media channels.

Penny Picks – Free
This is the only free newsletter on our list. This company makes money from selling advertisements on its website and in its newsletters. Despite this, Penny Picks claims that its choices and recommendations of top picks are completely unbiased.

Penny Picks is run by two stock researchers who examine penny stocks and pick the top stock to highlight each week. When you use Penny Picks, you receive a weekly newsletter in your inbox and can access the charts and reports on the company’s website.

If you are looking for a penny stock newsletter to help you make informed trades, this list is a good start. It ranges from simple programs that offer you weekly updates on companies to comprehensive newsletters that come with buy and sell alerts. For more information about penny stocks and stock trading in general, visit our investing channel.