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ACDSee Photo Studio Professional 2019 Review

During my tests, I was happy to find that this program’s batch organizing and metadata sorting lets you filter through large photo collections with ease.

Our Verdict

With a variety of organizing tools, this software is a good option for large photo collections with photos from multiple cameras.


  • The software has batch organizing and metadata sorting to help you filter through images.


  • The cloud service costs extra.
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During my tests, I was happy to find that this program’s batch organizing and metadata sorting lets you filter through large photo collections with ease. In addition to its organizing features, ACDSee Photo Studio Professional has a variety of photo editing tools and sharing capabilities. It also has vast organizational capabilities, including the ability to upload photos directly to the software rather than separate folders on your hard drive.

File Management
I was able to use this photo manager's batch processing to export, develop, edit, rotate and resize multiple photos at once, which makes it a good option for large photo collections. When you rename images with batch processing, the name changes in the program and on your hard drive. Additionally, you can adjust metadata in batches by selecting a group of photos and making changes in the Metadata tab.

The auto sorting feature allowed me to use metadata to arrange photos, which is particularly useful if you are using more than one camera because it sorts images based on their source. You also can sort your photos by criteria such as date taken, file size and image type.

This software lets you create customized categories to sort your photos in, or you can use the categories already listed in the software. You can make subcategories of albums as well. For example, a vacation album can have quick categories for different trips inside it. In addition to categorizing your photos, you can add ratings and color labels or tag locations and dates. These various organizing methods made it easy for me to arrange and find photos exactly the way I wanted.

Like many other programs these days, ACDSee can be purchased as an online subscription called ACDSee 365. Some of the perks of subscribing are that you can set up automatic syncing to your web storage and you can share online albums and folders with others. At the time of this review, ACDSee 365 costs $89 a year or $8.50 per month. If you'd prefer a program that comes with free cloud storage, look at PhotoDirector.

You can share your photos directly from the software to social media sites like Flickr, SmugMug and Facebook. You can also upload your images to ACDSee 365 for other ACDSee users to view.

Now for some good and bad news: This program comes with SeeDrive, a cloud service (yay!), but it costs extra to use (boo!). At the time of this writing, the smallest SeeDrive capacity costs $25 a year for 50GB. ACDSee also offers 100GB and 200GB storage plans. In addition to storage space, this subscription lets you share your photos to social media sites directly from SeeDrive.

If you want to share your photos offline, you can burn images and slideshows to CD or DVD, or you can simply make prints. This software does not help you create specialty products like photobooks, calendars or mugs.

Editing & Extras
ACDSee comes with a variety of standard and advanced editing tools, which can be accessed under the Develop and Edit tabs. They range from simple tools that let you adjust exposure all the way to advanced features that reduce noise in an image. The Develop tab has tools for advanced adjustments like white balance and tone curves, while the Edit tab has basic tools like those for cropping and color adjustments. I found the excessive separation of editing tools made it harder to remember where to find them, but I couldn't argue with the results of the tools themselves.

This software gave me plenty of control when it came to adjusting images and helped me make them look exactly the way I wanted. There are tools for smoothing skin as well as reducing red eye so you can eliminate unwanted blemishes or distractions. The program makes nondestructive edits, so you can make changes to a photo without affecting the original copy.

ACDSee also has an app for iPhones and iPads you can use to make quick edits on the go. If you use ACDSee 365 and its cloud storage, you can access your photos from both the desktop software and iOS app.

Help & Support
This software includes several support resources. You can access a FAQs page and tutorials on the ACD Systems webpage. The ACDSee Community – a user forum – is very active and lets you connect with other users. I was happy with this company's customer service as they responded to my questions quickly and thoroughly.

ACDSee Photo Studio Professional is one of the best photo managers. Advanced organizing features help you sort through thousands of photos with ease. This software also has professional-grade editing tools and many sharing features, so you can organize, edit and share your photos with everyone.

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