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Asoftech Photo Recovery Review

With its purple-and-hot-pink interface, Asoftech Photo Recovery looks like it was designed in the early '90s and hasn’t been updated since.

Our Verdict

Asoftech Photo Recovery isn’t intuitive or easy to use, and its performance was subpar across all categories except the scan speeds.


  • The average scan speed is 253GB per hour, which is among the fastest of any in our comparison.


  • It doesn’t have much success in recovering images from a reformatted drive.
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With its purple-and-hot-pink interface, Asoftech Photo Recovery looks like it was designed in the early '90s and hasn’t been updated since. The odd color palette doesn’t help the intuitiveness of the photo recovery software, nor did we find it to be the easiest program to navigate. While the program’s specifications claim that it can recover all types of images from all types of storage devices, our tests showed that it doesn’t compare to the best photo recovery software, Remo Photo Recovery. It might scan your drives faster than most image recovery software, but it isn’t as successful at recovering all images.

We performed tests that simulated a lost file scenario and a reformatted drive scenario to see how well Asoftech Photo Recovery recovered raster, vector, production and digital camera raw images. The overall results were below average and disappointing.

During the lost file scenario tests, Asoftech Photo Recovery rescued just 50 percent of JPG files. This was its best recovery rate in all of the tests we ran. For comparison, most applications we tested recovered 100 percent of the JPG files, which should be the outcome for all programs, as JPGs are the most commonplace file format and the easiest for these types of programs to reconstruct. Asoftech didn’t recover a single vector, production or raw image in the same test.

The performance results for the reformatted drive test were even more disappointing. It failed to recover a single JPG image and only recovered 2 percent of other raster files. It also failed to recoup any vector, production or camera raw images.

The developers of Asoftech Photo Recovery claim that it is able to recognize and work with all of the proprietary camera raw formats used by all of the major digital camera brands. However, in all of our tests, this picture recovery software never recognized any raw format.

On the flip side, Asoftech Photo Recovery’s best feature is its rapid scan speed. The average scan speed on an HDD, SSD and SD card was 254 GB per hour. This was one of the fastest speeds of any program in our comparison; the average scan speed in all our tests was 87.9GB per hour. However, when the recovery success rate is so low, a fast scan doesn’t provide much value. Its average recovery rate was just 17GB per hour, which is 54GB per hour below average.

With poor recovery rates in every test we ran, Asoftech Photo Recovery is not your best option for photo recovery software. The best recovery rate that it recorded was for JPGs during the lost file scenario, but it failed to recover most images in all of our tests. While it has one of the highest average scan speeds, this is canceled out by one of the slowest recovery rates.