Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker review

The Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker is an ideal accessory for any home that places value on a tasty and healthy breakfast.

Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker review

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The Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker consists of multiple heating elements to create that classic of breakfast sandwiches: the ham, egg, and muffin sandwich. We've reviewed lots of kitchen appliances, to find an alternative, head to our guides on the best indoor grills or the best bread makers

This device is compact to accommodate making one of these sandwiches and is capable of heating your muffin, cooking an egg, and presenting a fully assembled meal when you open the grill. 

This sandwich toaster helps you make breakfast during your hectic mornings. Rather than scrambling to prepare a boring meal of cereal or frosted strudels, the device requires you only to place muffin pieces on the top and bottom plates for warming, break an egg on the middle grill, and then place any other meats you want. Once ready, close the device, wait five minutes and then breakfast is ready to go.

This device consists of three layers, each with its own grill and heating element. The bottom-most layer is where you put the bottom of your breakfast sandwich and any meats or cheeses. The middle layer is where the egg is cooked and uses a slide-away bottom so you can remove the grill plate while the device is shut to perfectly stack your sandwich. Then, the top-most layer is where the top bun of your sandwich is placed. When the sandwich press is shut, it heats each individual layer evenly to create a tasty and fully-assembled sandwich.

This device is easy to use and clean, with each grill surface made of a non-scratching surface that cleans with a single wipe. When you plug in the device, a power indicator light appears to show the sandwich grill is active. Once the temperature reaches an optimal level to begin cooking food, a green indicator light appears and you can begin assembling your sandwich within the device.

The Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker is among the most unique and convenient of sandwich making devices available. Through the use of layered grills, this device enables you to create a full sandwich that requires no assembly on your part. When all you need to do with this unit is add ingredients in each of their respective compartments, shut the grill and wait, making a hearty breakfast meal has never been so easy.

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