Save 10% on a lifetime subscription to Rosetta Stone - a great deal however you put it

Save 10% on a lifetime subscription to Rosetta Stone - a great deal however you put it
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If you’ve been thinking about picking up a second language then you’re in luck, because this incredible offer from Rosetta Stone will set you up with a lifetime subscription to its services at a bargain price.

Right now, you can get Rosetta Stone Lifetime with unlimited languages for just $179.99, down from the usual price of $199.99. That’s a 10% saving on something that will literally last you the rest of your life. As the name suggests, you get unlimited access to Rosetta Stone’s language services including tests, tutorials, pronunciation feedback, and lessons which put you into real-world scenarios to help immerse you in the language. 

Save 10% on Rosetta Stone Unlimited

Save 10% on Rosetta Stone Unlimited: Was $199 now $179
10% off
on the world’s best language learning software with access to the entire language catalogue for the rest of your life. Pick up Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Arabic, and more. Sale ends 2/11 at 11:59pm ET

Whether you’re looking for the best learn Spanish software, the best learn French software or even something more exotic, the top choice is always going to be Rosetta Stone. It’s super easy to use and offers immersive ways to learn your language of choice. You can even get live tutoring through the service too, though this usually costs extra.

Learning a language is about more than just learning the words though, and Rosetta Stone language learning software teaches you how to speak like a native of the country that you’re learning a language from. You’ll get help with your pronunciation thanks to the TruAccent speech recognition engine that Rosetta Stone uses, and you can also get live-coaching if you’re really struggling here too.

There are cheaper packages if you just want to learn a specific language, but we think that the lifetime subscription is the best option if you’re serious about polishing your language skills and becoming truly multilingual. There is also a tier above, called Lifetime Plus which costs $299 and comes with 12 months of Unlimited Group Coaching - ideal if you learn best by talking to other people.

Rosetta Stone is easy to use and comes with both a standard software for your laptop or home computer, along with a mobile companion app that can be used on your smartphone or tablet

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