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Save $50 in the AncestryDNA Father's Day sale

Save $50 in the AncestryDNA Father's Day sale
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If you’re struggling to think of a Father’s Day gift for your old man then this deal from Ancestry might be perfect for you. To celebrate Father’s Day, Ancestry is offering its AncestryDNA kit for just $59 plus tax and shipping. Considering that this kit normally costs $99, that’s a hefty saving of $40 that you could use to buy him a ‘world’s best dad’ mug. Or one of these stupid singing fish that dads seem to love so much. 

AncestryDNA is one of the best DNA testing kits on the market, letting you dig deep into the history of your family tree to find long lost relatives and discover the geographical origins of your family. You might think that you’re Staten Island born and bred, but AncestryDNA begs to differ. AncestryDNA breaks down the world in 26 different sections, by both ethnicity and region to help you see a complete picture of who your ancestors really were.

Alternatively, if you really don’t like your dad and you bear a striking resemblance to your local postman, you could buy the AncestryDNA kit for yourself to try and prove that he’s not your real father. Then you won’t have to buy him a gift at all. Nice one.

AncestryDNA - $99 $59 plus tax and shipping.
Save $40 on AncestryDNA
in the Ancestry Father's Day sale. You and your dad can discover the history of your family and find out where your ancestors came from.View Deal

But wait, there’s more. AncestryDNA isn’t the only thing on sale at the moment, as you can also pick up an AncestryHealth kit for just $99 plus tax and shipping. That’s a saving of $50 on the standard price, so quite the bargain. 

AncestryHealth gives you a profile of your genetics based on a set of health conditions to help identify potential healthcare issues such as a genetic susceptibility to certain diseases or illnesses. This isn’t a replacement for medical professionals, but it can help you to head off issues before they arise by discovering them early.

AncestryHealth - $149 $99 plus tax and shipping.
Save $50 on AncestryHealth
in the Ancestry Father's Day sale. Help your dad to stay safe and healthy by identifying genetic predispositions to medical conditons.View Deal

The Ancestry Father’s Day sale starts today (June 10) and runs through until 11.59pm EST on Sunday, June 21 aka the end of Father’s Day. If DNA testing kits don't sound like your father's kind of thing, then check out our other suggestions for the best Father's Day gifts.