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Infinite Auto Protection

Infinite Auto Protection is one of the few extended vehicle warranty services to administer their own vehicle service contracts. Most of the services in this industry are brokers, selling contracts ad

Google Photo

Google Photo is the minimalist’s choice when it comes to photo book creation. The interface is very simple, but doesn’t provide a lot of customization options. It’s also relatively i

Meijer Photo

This photo book service is costly compared to many of the other options on the market. The interface isn’t the most intuitive and there aren’t a lot of cover or size options to choose from

CVS Photo

CVS Photo is a great option if you need to order a budget photo book in a hurry. If a location is near you, you can order a book for same day pickup. However, the image quality of the cover and pages

Paper Source

This service is incredibly expensive since they use designer brands for their photo card designs. If you’re looking to make a fancy card, this could be the right service since they offer envelop

Meijer Photo

Meijer offers plenty of Christmas card designs but you might not be able to find themes for other holidays. The photo cards can be pricey depending on the designs you choose. Since the company is main

Walgreens Photo

Walgreens Photo is low priced compared to many of the other photo card services we ordered from. The image quality might not be the best, but this company can get your photo orders to you quickly, whi

CVS Photo

This is one of the least expensive services we compared. The holiday designs offered are beautiful and well implemented and the printing quality is excellent. We did note that this photo card service

Walmart Photo

Walmart Photo is a great option for anyone purchasing photo card projects on a budget or for anyone that needs a printing job done in a hurry. The paper and mailing options are limited, but the servic

DNA Tribes

DNA Tribes has performed genetic ancestry tests since 2006, and we suspect many of the methods haven’t changed since then. The test seems outdated, left behind by other ancestry DNA tests with i

24 Genetics

24Genetics offers a variety of DNA tests spanning health and wellness and, of course, ancestry. At $149, 24Genetics’ test is about $50 more expensive than the best DNA ancestry tests, but you ca

DNA Passport

DNAPassport by Humancode is entertaining, but it’s nowhere near as informative as our top DNA test kits. Firstly, it’s not a traditional ancestry test, it’s more of a surface-level e


Compared to many similarly-priced DNA ancestry tests, LivingDNA’s ancestry reports are more visually interesting. When you log in to access your results, the first thing you see is the silhouett

National Geographic Geno 2.0

The National Geographic Geno 2.0 test connects your genome to the past through an in-depth exploration of your geographical ancestry in three time periods. It tests your autosomal and mitochondrial DN

United Healthcare

After comparing individual vision insurance plans, we found that United Healthcare has the best ones, with affordable premiums and excellent benefits. In fact, it is more affordable than VSP and

Amica Mutual

Compared to the other nationwide insurance providers I reviewed, Amica Mutual is the smallest company by a significant margin. It has a total asset value of $5.4 billion, which is a drop in the bucket


When you purchase a background check report, it’s important that it’s both affordable and accurate. Unfortunately, Veromi wasn’t exceptional in either area, so we find it hard to re


Spokeo can help you find a person’s social media accounts, but its background checks are otherwise lacking. The information it gave us tended to be less current than the info on other services&r


TruthFinder gave us accurate information on our background checks, but it was more inconsistent than some of the other services we reviewed. Like with Instant Checkmate, you need to sign up for a subs


CarShield is a vehicle service plan broker with 31 plans, flexible payment terms and few restrictions. This service claims to cover over 600,000 vehicles and to have paid over $1 billion in claims. Wh