The Patriots are looking for revenge after the Giants stripped them of the Super Bowl

With the smell of fall in the air and football stands across the country filling up, a little friendly competition always improves the bets. Here's a list of the top NFL football rivalries some not-so-friendly that will give viewers at the very least an intense and interesting game, no matter which side they cheer for.

1. The New England Patriots vs. the Indianapolis Colts may not be the longest-standing or fiercest rivalry, but the meeting of the two teams in the past has been season ending for one of the teams. The teams have met three times in the play offs. They have the two superstar quarterbacks that nearly every kid can name as some of the best in NFL, Peyton Manning and Tom Brady. But with Brady s season-ending knee injury, the rivalry may not shape up to be much.

2. The Washington Redskins' and the Dallas Cowboys' rivalry may not have fans as rabid about it as they have been in the past, but it is still ranked among some of the biggest rivalries in pro-football.

3. The longest-running rivalry has been the Green Bay Packers and the Chicago Bears. They ve met more times than any other football team 175 times  since they started facing off in 1921. The Bears have had the lead in the past, winning more than half the games, but in the last decade or so, the Packers are closing the gap.

4. For some, the rivalry between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Jacksonville Jaguars is a rivalry that doesn't just leave you worried about someone getting hurt, you worry if someone will be killed. Called by some the fiercest rivalry in the NFL, the fire may have cooled over the years with the teams now in different divisions.

5. The Steelers have more than one team on their schedule to worry about this. They face-off twice a year against the Cleveland Browns. It's not the longest rivalry in the NFL, but it's in their division. In the beginning, the Browns dominated, but the Steelers have posted a comeback, leading the Browns 2-0 in the playoffs.

6. The New York Giants and the Patriots have a score to settle this season after the Giants ended the Patriots perfect season with a loss in the Super Bowl. This rivalry may be a one-season thing, but the sans-Brady Patriots will be looking for redemption.

7. Don t forget the sibling rivalry between Peyton and Eli Manning. The Colts/Giants rivalry has been the media drive prior to this year s NFL season. With a Manning on either side of the field, there is bound to be some division among fans.

8. When both teams are playing well, the rivalry between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Cowboys is something to write home about. Both teams have had big wins over each other in the past and this season, fans are preparing for another big game.

9. Over the next couple seasons there may be something of a fierce rivalry between the Patriots and the Miami Dolphins. After this season s loss to the Dolphins, the Pats were booed off the field, by their own fans. Seem a little harsh? True, New England has lost its star quarterback with Brady s injury, but both have somewhere in the ball park of 20-game streaks going. The Pats had a winning one and the Dolphins couldn t win a game.

10. A state divided by the Pittsburg Steelers and Philadelphia Eagles makes the match-up intense to say the least. Both teams have all-stars on the field and both are going to have some tough battles when they face each other.

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