Pros / It has the least expensive basic plan.

Cons / You’re limited to three service calls a year.

 Verdict / Allstate Motor Club has some of the lowest prices and best reimbursement rates for roadside assistance, making it our choice for the best service overall.

Allstate Motor Club is Allstate Insurance’s roadside assistance service. You don’t need to have an auto insurance policy through Allstate to sign up for roadside assistance, though you can get discounts if you bundle both services together. We compared roadside assistance programs based on a variety of factors, including pricing and the services offered in each plan level. Once we gathered our data, we found that Allstate came out on top because it has low prices and offers excellent benefits at all service levels.

Roadside Advantage is Allstate’s most basic service level. It costs $52 a year, which is slightly more than $4 a month. This is the least expensive plan we saw and is significantly more affordable than Good Sam Roadside Assistance. You can also add teen drivers to your policy for $2 a month, which is significantly less than other services charge to add additional family members. However, you’re limited to three service calls a year.

The basic plan’s primary benefit is a $100 reimbursement on all roadside assistance, no matter the incident. Whether you have a flat tire, need a jump-start, or breakdown and need a tow, Allstate pays you back $100 for any expenses incurred. Unlike other services, which offer free towing for a certain number of miles instead of a payout, Allstate’s roadside assistance can pay you back for longer tows. The one drawback of a reimbursement-based system is you have to fill out paper work and wait for the company to send you the money.

Roadside Advantage also includes trip interruption reimbursement. If you’re in an accident or your car becomes otherwise undrivable while you are far from home, Allstate reimburses you up to $750 for expenses like food, lodging, car rentals or other transportation. Other basic roadside assistance plans don’t include trip interruption, so this is another area where Allstate stands out. If you opt for the company’s premium plan, Platinum Elite, you get $1,500 worth of travel reimbursement.

Platinum Elite costs $99 a year, which is about $8 a month. At the Platinum Elite level, you get $250 worth of reimbursement for roadside assistance. As with the standard plan, this can be applied to towing, jump-starts, fuel delivery and a variety of other services. A reimbursement of $250 can pay for a longer distance tow, so it ends up being at least equivalent to services that offer 100 miles of free towing.

This plan also includes a road hazard benefit of $250. If your tires or wheels are damaged, you get paid back for up to $250 worth of the cost of repairs. Another area where Allstate stands out is its on-time guarantee. If service doesn’t reach you within 30 minutes of being dispatched, you get a discount on the next year’s membership dues.

Allstate Motor Club includes a variety of discounts on car rentals and hotels. It is also one of the few roadside assistance services that offers discounts on cruises and flights. As a member, you also receive offers and discounts at various attractions.

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